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This Video Convinced Me We Need a Broadway Musical of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ [Halloween Treat]



When it comes to films that horror-loving parents can watch with their kids, the selection is rather limited if you’re trying to avoid exposing them to gore, violence, and murder at a young age. Personally, I feel that it doesn’t really matter as I grew up watching people get slaughtered left and right in my early years and I have absolutely no interest in causing physical or mental harm to anyone. But coming back to the point, movies like The Monster Squad, Gremlins, Monster House, Goosebumps and a few others are about all that are deemed “safe” or “appropriate” for your little rugrat.

One of these movies is Henry Selick’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, which was created by Tim Burton. Mixing catchy songs with a delightful story, the movie has tons of horror imagery. Halloween Town is packed with monsters, creatures, surreal architecture and enough creepy crawlies to keep any enthusiast happy. And while the movie has developed a following that has single-handedly kept Hot Topic in business, there hasn’t been something new from that world since the 2006 soundtrack cover album, which featured appearances from groups such as Marilyn Manson, She Wants Revenge, Panic! at the Disco, and more.

Below is a video I recently found that managed to slip me by since its upload date in October of 2012. It’s gotten over 2 million views and it shows performer Matthew Patrick Davis as Jack Skellington. Performing the song “Jack’s Lament”, Davis manages to act like Jack in ways that I wouldn’t have thought possible from someone, well…alive. He moves and acts just like the claymation puppet and he prances and struts about the stage with grace. Furthermore, the production on the stage itself, while not as grand and detailed as the film, is very solid and captures the feel of graveyard where Jack sings this song. If given a proper budget, I can’t imagine how it might end up looking!

I’m not a fan of musicals at all but this right here is something I’d see in a heartbeat. So, c’mon Disney! Quit funding “It’s a Small World” because everyone hates that damn ride. Put some money into something a bit more creepy and give us a touring musical of The Nightmare Before Christmas!

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