WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 33 - The Tourist / Hard Wood - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 33 – The Tourist / Hard Wood



For every filmmaker that began making short films as a child, Director Peter Murfet’s “The Tourist” is the perfect minimalist, nostalgic creature feature that is both auspiciously sentimental and unusually entertaining. Murfet must have been influenced by the raptor sequence found in Steven Spielberg’s 1993 dinosaur opus, “Jurassic Park”, as “The Tourist” demonstrates a whimsical yearning for the type of innocent, lowbrow humor found within Spielberg’s playful, highly stylized brand of cinema. This endearing entry also possesses some picturesque cinematography, a refreshingly experimental editing scheme and an amusing cadre of foley gags including the ubiquitous Wilhelm Scream. Admittedly, this short presents a less-than-aggressive attitude towards coverage and delivers a relatively primitive effects package that borders on farce, but it’s this approach that gives the film a frisky, lighthearted, oddly seductive charm.
Domestic chores got you down ? Houskeeping Horrors are abound in Director Brad Slaton’s comical horror short, “Hard Wood”. Equal parts statement on the challenges of domiciliary servitude and a possible critique on emasculation, this film is a high camp, absurdist broad comedy that pits a unwitting patriarch (whose tenure as head of the household is questionable), against a worthy adversary – a true bastion of household sanitation, the mop. What happens when our protagonist goes mano-e-mano with the sponge das-wunderkind? Will it mop the floor with our protagonist? Or will our hero lay claim to his disputed throne?
 – Ben Lewandowski

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