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Bill Moseley Shares Emotional ‘Silent Night, Deadly Night 3’ Memory



In Silent Night, Deadly Night 3, I actually cried.”

Three years after his breakout role as Chop Top in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, horror icon Bill Moseley was cast as the returning Ricky Caldwell in Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out. The character, the polar opposite of Chop Top, was a mute slasher with his visible brain encased in a glass dome atop his head, and the bizarre film centered on Ricky’s pursuit of a blind young woman he formed a physic connection with. The holiday slasher franchise is a weird one, and believe it or not, the third installment is far from the weirdest sequel.

It’s been 27 years since the Monte Hellman-directed Silent Night, Deadly Night 3 was released straight to VHS, and speaking with Broke Horror Fan, Moseley just reminisced about the experience. Why did it make him cry on camera for the first time? He explains:

I remember that was the first movie I ever cried in. I could slice and dice people, but when I was asked if, need be, would I ever be able to cry on screen, I was afraid that I couldn’t. I was the son of marine, a tough kid growing up in the country in Illinois, not a very emotional person. But in Silent Night, Deadly Night 3, I actually cried. There’s a moment where I was getting fed by a very wonderful grandmother character, who gives me soup even though I have this brain cap with my exposed brain and a bunch of orange juice. Everything says, ‘Don’t let this guy in your house.’ But I ate a spoonful of her turkey soup, and I started crying. Monte Hellman was deeply touched. [laughs] That was my happy reminiscence.

Moseley added:

I really enjoyed working with Monte Hellman. Who knew that Monte would ever do a horror movie? I enjoyed the part. I didn’t get hurt, so that was good. That check did clear.

If you’ve never seen Silent Night, Deadly Night 3, Moseley is the reason you should!