'Jack Frost' Director Talks Crazy Third Installment That Never Was; "Jackzilla!" - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Jack Frost’ Director Talks Crazy Third Installment That Never Was; “Jackzilla!”



Courtesy of the fine folks over at Vinegar Syndrome, the 1997 cult horror-comedy Jack Frost hit Blu-ray for the first time this past Tuesday, and if I wasn’t holding the release in my hands right now, I’m still not sure I’d actually believe it. Yes, we are living in a world where the killer snowman flick is actually now on Blu-ray, and I don’t know about you, but that pleases me greatly.

In celebration of the release, horror community staple Justin Beahm just dug up an interview he did with the film’s writer/director a couple years back. As he explains, the interview was originally conducted for Fangoria, but it never ended up making it to print. Feeling now was the right time, Beahm posted the interview in full on his website, and it’s a pretty interesting read.

Michael Cooney opens up about the hardships he faced making Jack Frost – he originally planned on making a more serious killer snowman movie! – and he also talks about a second sequel that never came to fruition. As you may remember, Jack Frost 2 ends with the implication that the snowman has become kaiju-sized, which was supposed to lead into Jack Frost 3.

Cooney explains:

I started writing [Jack Frost 3]. There is about 20 pages somewhere. It was going to be a giant Jack Frost. At the end of part 2 there is this screaming ‘Jackzilla! Jackzilla!’ and this giant carrot drops on the boat. The [next] one started off ten years later and the kid is all grown up. It was going to be set in the city, and Jackzilla, this giant snowman, attacks a skyscraper, enveloping it and killing people by coming in through the vents and all of that.

As of a few years ago, Cooney was still interested in making the third film:

Digital effects have come down in price by now and I think we could do it. If someone wants to make it I would adore the opportunity. It holds such a special place in my heart.

Be sure to read the full interview on JustinBeahm.com!