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Watch the Original ‘Baskin’ Short That Preluded the Film’s Trip to Hell!



Before Can Evrenol‘s horrific Baskin world premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (here’s our review), he directed a short film by the same name that hit the festival circuit in 2013. After several years, it’s made its way online in all of its glory!

The short is an absolute nightmare and pulls all sorts of imagery from Clive Barker’s Hellraiser books and films.

Co-directed by Ogulcan Eren Akay, “Baskin” follows a group of Turkish police who are called to a desolate area and stumble upon a squalid and blood-soaked den of a satanic ritual.

During the pre-production of “Baskin” the short, Gezi riots kicked off,” Evrenol exclusively tells Bloody Disgusting. “At the time we were pretty shocked and thought the civil war is about to erupt any day. We had to postpone our shoot which involved cops – at a time when the tensions between my generation and the police couldn’t be any more tense! Every single crew member on our set had a story to tell during Gezi riots. It was like Romain Gavras’ ‘No Church in the Wild’ music video at the very heart of Istanbul. It was surreal, which made the whole project (coincidentally) even more meaningful.

After my previous short film, ‘To My Mother and Father’, I thought I was ready to do a feature film with tentacles, kinky sex, parental issues and kids dying but I couldn’t get any sponsors. So I said scratch that, I’ll do another short film where I’ll bring on the rage with basically no plastic make-up fx.

“Baskin” is a visceral trip into the darkest pits of a very palpable evil. Enjoy this gift from the horror gods and worship it for years to come.

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