Exclusive 'Devil's Whisper' Clip Opens a Box and Unleashes a Demon - Bloody Disgusting
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Exclusive ‘Devil’s Whisper’ Clip Opens a Box and Unleashes a Demon



Vega Baby announced an October 3, 2017, DVD release for Adam Ripp’s supernatural thriller Devil’s Whisper, which will then arrive on VOD November 14th.

Inspired by true events, Devil’s Whisper tells the story of a 15-year-old who aspires to be a Catholic priest. When he discovers a mysterious box passed down from his grandparents, he unwittingly unleashes a demonic spirit bent on possessing him — and must find a way to defeat the demon, which has been tormenting children since the dawn of man, before it destroys him and everyone he loves.

Luca Oriel, whose credits include “Shameless,” stars. The cast includes Tessie Santiago, Marcos Ferraez, Rick Ravanello, Alison Fernandez, Coy Stewart, Jasper Polish, Justin Tinucci, Benjamin A. Hoyt and Luna Maya.

Check out this exclusive clip in which a box is forced upon unleashing a demon, pictured above.

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