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Bill Skarsgard Says ‘It: Chapter Two’ Will Be An “Adult Story”

It’s no secret that New Line Cinema’s IT: Chapter Two will follow the Loser’s Club 27 years later as adults. Thus, it only makes sense that it’s a more “adult” story.

Bill Skarsgard – who plays the terrifying Pennywise told IGN how the sequel will be more adult-themed and psychological:

“The first movie worked so well at what it is trying to do, I think, and ultimately that is the kids’ story, and you follow these kids and you sort of fall in love with these kids,” he said. “And the second one will be the adult story. And I think the right way to do it is to make that movie actively different. … I think there might be worth exploring sort of the psychological aspects of horror, but also maybe the sort of cosmological existence of this being. What is he, and where does he come from?

“And, you know, it’s hardly answered in the novel, either,” he continued. “I mean, it’s very abstract. And I kind of like that. It could be almost a sort of surrealistic sort of psychedelic trip if you go into the mind of Pennywise. And if you’ve read the novel you know that they do actually go into his mind. Or they go into this transdimensional place, and they sort of beat him in this place. Which might be interesting, what that place would be, and what would it look like. There are opportunities, I think, and I’m excited for it.”

It: Chapter Two will arrive in theaters on September 6, 2019.

Muschietti will direct the second chapter in the epic saga for New Line and Warner Bros., while Gary Dauberman (IT) has inked a deal to write the script.

Part two is about these characters 30 years later as adults,” Muschietti recently noted, “with flashbacks to 1989 when they were kids.”

What can you expect from the sequel? Here’s everything we know!



  • Nigel Crommwell

    I really thought the movie lacked something…….I wish Tom Six would have directed ‘it’ .

    • I’m not sure his directing style would be right for this particular property. He’s also an auteur that only directs original screenplays that he writes, and has turned down a number of Hollywood remakes, so there’s that.

      • Nigel Crommwell

        Yea…..Maybe if Guillermo Del Toro had written the screenplay and Robert Rodriguez directed it…the mindset of the film would have been cool…the film lacked an anti-hero that was equally as evil…it needed more sickness……just my opinion……

        • Chip


          Did you even read the book?

          • Batmanfanboy

            Wtf is this guy talking about Tom Six is a hack

  • Chip

    I’m…nervous about this. It DOES have a fairly well described origin, and this sounds like an excuse to diverge from it due to technical issues. If that’s the case, by all means, I respect. But don’t fudge the truth to fans that don’t know better because they haven’t read the book.

  • I wonder if this film origin will include a cosmic turtle.

    • Saturn

      If it does, it had better say “cowabunga!” at some stage.

  • Munchie Strikes Back

    Considering how much the first one made and what the budget was ($40m i think?) they should at least double and hopefully triple the budget for part 2. No question they’ll make it back.

    • Chip

      …Y’don’t know New Line very well, huh?

      • Munchie Strikes Back

        Decent guy, drinks too much but affable, always wears pants, right?

        • Chip

          ._. Have a cookie and shut up.

          • Munchie Strikes Back

            depends, is it a good cookie?

          • Chip

            Oreo thin.

  • Selina x

    I enjoyed IT. For my money though Gerald’s Game was the best king. Carla knocked it out of the park and the Moonlight Man scenes had an effect I felt more sinister than the titular IT. Nice to see Lurch getting jobs too. x

    • Lushen72

      Holy crap you are so right. I was completely blown away by Geralds Game! Not a big fan of the book originally but after watching the movie re-reading the novel was pretty damn good.

  • So long as they don’t butcher the second half the way they screwed up the first half… and try not to do so many cheap Pennywise ‘jump’ scares – and actually try and make Pennywise scary this time. Standard creepy clown back-fired spectacularly and made him not really scary at all.

    • Chip

      That’s…not gonna be on the table. People (Focus groups) react too well to these. Until we see a jumpscare movie fail, it’s almost a requirement of the genre, much as I hate them as well. As long as the rest of the movie is as strong as IT chapter 1 was, I’ll settle for the use of jump scares.

      • DukeStKing

        I think the problem with jump scares, and remember, this is just MY opinion, is that we see most of them, if not all of them, in the damn trailers/previews. If they shortened these, and didn’t show any jump scares, perhaps they’d be better received. Going into these horror movies nowadays, I know what’s coming minutes before it actually happens. Now, someone is going to come on here and say, ” Well, don’t watch the previews then!” But you’re missing the point.

        • Chip

          If anything, I kinda think the jumpscares are made FOR the trailers. I mean, look at the difference between how the Georgie’s Death scene is played out in the trailer, versus how it’s played up in the movie. It’s a jump scare, but it’s far more abrupt and loud in the trailer.

          Putting jumpscares in the trailer is an easy and ‘cheap’ way to tell an audience “Hey, this is scary.”, just like filling action trailers with explosions, or romance trailers with cheesy piano-pop music.

          • DukeStKing

            I suppose I give people too much credit. I’d like to think they’d know the difference between movies like IT, and a ridiculous rom-com. But, sadly, I guess they aren’t.

    • llcc1103

      Ive gotten chastised for saying the first was completely over rated. Cliche scary background music and jump scares. Im glad you agree.

      • Chip

        I think people (myself included at first) got paranoid. We know that Hollywood researches what people say. For all its flaws, It 2017 is THE strongest fantasy horror films in western cinema we’ve gotten in a decade, and for me personally, since the late 80s itself frankly. We want more films like this, and it’d be disheartening for Hollywood to look at complaints and go “Welp, we tried putting in effort and it still didn’t work, we’ll just stick to what The Conjuring and Insidious” was doing.

        IT 2017 was SUPER strong for a lot of us, and it earned our love. There’s much that can be improved, and this is a step in the right direction. General naysaying it feels like we’d just be sent back to the worse stuff we got before.

        • MeeGhoulz

          The Conjuring and Insidious are great examples ofhowsequels will make original movies lose all its impact… but Hollywood lives off sequels, till they’re so watered down to accomodate wider audiences that the only thing it keeps from its original is the name.

      • Lushen72

        Sory I agree and disagree. I dunno.

      • Frank Gambino

        I loved the movie but I agree there were too many jump scares and some of the cgi sucked. I’m still very excited for the sequel

      • Personally if it were me I’d have probably only used Pennywise when absolutely necessary and made him really insidious. Not continually have him jump out at the audience like an over zealous Jack-in-the-box. Less can be more.

        Personally I don’t know anyone who is a fan of the book who thought the movie was a good adaptation… the only people who I know loved the movie were people who hadn’t – they all thought it was great.

        • llcc1103

          Dude, if you haven’t already, read the Fukunaga script. Its extremely insidious and terrifying.

    • Lushen72

      Sory I agree and disagree.

      • Guuuuurl, oh no you betta di’nt.

    • Johnny

      The new it movie sucked ass

  • Riiiiiiiiiight

    They’re going to need to do something to punch up part 2 because what’s left with the adult portion of the story is…

    (SPOILERS for those who haven’t read the book)

    -Mike makes 6 phone calls after the murders start up in Derry once again.
    -5 of The Losers Club make the trip to Derry as memories start to come back.
    -They meet at a Chinese buffet to catch up where IT makes itself known.
    -They go back to the library with Mike to discuss more of the past and wonder why one The Losers Club hasn’t shown up, only to have that answered momentarily.
    -Henry Bowers (possibly now dead from Part 1) is broken out of the nuthouse by IT and attacks some members of The Losers Club.
    -Some significant others show up at the last second to throw a wrench into the works.
    -The remaining Losers go into the sewers and fight IT again.


    And being set in 2015/2016 makes me nervous. What I don’t want to see is Pennywise popping up on their FB and twitter pages… or one of them is on Tinder and everyone turns into Pennywise as they keep swiping left or right. (sigh)

    • Chip

      We’ve also got a lot of material that’s gonna be used in flashbacks. They’ve confirmed they intend to do so, and they’ve already done some photography to prepare for it. So they have a bit more to work with. Honestly, they could do three films, if they really wanted to.

      With that said, I could see a few interesting concepts for using the digital age of social media for Richie. Given that he’s a video game nerd now, he seems like the perfect recipe to become a youtube gaming celeb. The boom hit back in 2010-12, meaning at 32-35, he’d be about the same age as most of the other major game celebs that are raking in cash these days. Pennywise fucking with his medium would be an interesting angle. The role that twitch gamers and youtube gamers have taken in our media these days is so concrete that its one of the few ways they can play with this angle without being dated.

      • Riiiiiiiiiight

        No, I understand there are going to be flashbacks… I was just summing up the portion of the story focusing solely on the adults. It’s just not that compelling on its own and it’s a lot of talking. And seeing all 7 kids get attacked by Pennywise in Chapter 1 is one thing (and some complained THAT was too repetitive) but having to watch Mike make 6 phone calls in Chapter 2 is another.

        They’re going to have to get really creative to keep things moving and interesting, and this Gary Dauberman writing the script isn’t getting my hopes up given his writing credits and given I’d read that Muschietti changed a lot of the script changes Dauberman originally made to Fukunaga’s script.

        Keeping my fingers crossed, though.

        • Chip

          I’ve read the Dauberman script, and there’s more of Dauberman there than what was changed. If anything, Mischietti just kinda amped up some things (The garage Pennywise for example was a HUGE (Pun) change), while at the same time he kinda did a disservice to Mike’s character, which was strong in all the drafts.

          Much as I hate a lot of what Fukunaga did, I have to begrudgingly admit that his framework, if not his specific choices, is what allowed IT 2017 to excel as it did, with major help from Muschietti’s vision. And while Dauberman has shown promise with Annabelle Creation, his track record is against him.

          • Riiiiiiiiiight

            I’m wondering how much influence Mike Flanagan, who writes the scripts for many of his films, had on the ANNABELLE: Creation script?

          • Chip

            I can definitely see a lot of his tendency for darker, unforgiving plots in that movie.

            Hell, bring him in to co-write. I’d welcome him to write for part II. He’s the first person I’ve seen to manage to make a slasher formula work in a post-modern world since Scream.

        • It’s why the structure of the novel was so important. It keeps things varied and helps make the story flow and work. The juxtaposition is the whole point. I hope part 2 helps bring balance.

          Maybe some fan will edit the 2 together to follow the narrative more closely.

    • nicholasmwalker

      it never shows Bowers die, so they would be dumb not to bring his character back. honestly i could see his character being a driving force in part 2. don’t forget the hate crime from the beginning of the book, that could be the opening scene right there. you’ve also got bev’s boyfriend or husband or whatever, he can make for a good adversary. as the article mentions this one will be more adult, so i think a lot of the conflict will revolve around henry and bev’s husband, with pennywise kind of urging these guys to do horrible things.

    • Lushen72

      Can’t like this more!!!

    • Frank Gambino

      Lol. That made me chuckle. Pennywise on tinder.

      All I know is that they BETTER have Paul Bunyon in the sequel.

  • MadMike R5D4

    Here’s my own personal casting choices for the Losers Club as adults, for whatever that’s worth:
    *BILL DENBROUGH – Joseph Gordon-Leavitt
    *BEN HASCOMB – Chris Pratt
    *BEVERLY MARSH – Amy Adams
    *EDDIE KASPRZACK – Paul Dano
    *MIKE HANLON – Chadwick Boseman
    *RICHIE TOZIER – Bill Hader
    STANLEY URIS – Jason Segel

    • nicholasmwalker

      i like it

    • Chip

      ._. Good luck with some of those. More than New Line is ever gonna wanna pay. I always completely reject Amy Adams.

      • MadMike R5D4

        I never said that casting would happen in real life, it’s just my own pie-in-the-sky dream casting; take it or leave it. And what the hell do you have against Amy Adams??? She’s a great actress and you have to admit that she does look a bit like the actress who played Young Beverly!

        • CalUni

          She really does look like Amy Adams! If they one star, I’d love it to be her.

        • Chip

          Amy Adams always comes off as extremely soft in anything I’ve seen her do. I don’t think she can pull off the role.

          • MadMike R5D4

            How many times have YOU won the Golden Globes, Independent Spirit Awards and Critic’s Choice Awards the way that Amy did? Until you do, STFU about Amy Adams’ acting chops.

          • Chip

            Dude, I can make my comments as a film consumer. She performs, I pay, I give critique. That’s how the film viewer and actor relationship works. You haven’t done those things either, so you have no business defending her either.

          • MadMike R5D4

            Anyone who has seen her performances in Junebug, The Fighter, or Arrival and thinks Amy Adams can’t act has rocks in his head. And just what makes YOUR opinions less subjective and more valid than mine?

    • Demetra

      None of those are ever going to happen

    • Brett

      Glad you said Amy Adams. That girl was an absolute spitting image for Amy Adams.

    • Edwina Gein

      I pulled my choices from that ‘famous but not too famous’ pool and got this. Some choices are admittedly a little young

      Bill: Dane DeHaan
      Ben: Josh Hartnett
      Bev: Jessica Chastain (or Amy Adams)
      Eddie: Sam Riley
      Mike: Keith Stanfield
      Richie: John Francis Daley
      Stanley: …idk

  • Charlie

    I’m down to see the cosmic Turtle, haha.

    • Mike Lawrence


      • Charlie

        Yes. I’m 4 up to your 1. What, what, what? XD

  • Mamet006

    In other news, water is ‘retaw’ backwards.

    • Mike Lawrence

      Very interesting. And relevant. Tysm!

    • Saturn

      Much like Evian is naive backwards.

  • Charles Schmeltz

    They should go with unknown or lesser stars for the sequel. Seeing too many big names in a movie takes me out of it and I like when I can get fully immersed in a new world.

    • I completely agree with you.

    • CalUni

      Same, so true!

    • DukeStKing

      So, no O.J. for Mike Hanlon?

      • Frank Gambino


    • Saturn

      I know what you mean.
      I remember going to watch Paranormal Activity 3 at the cinema and being kinda taken out of it when I saw the girls mother (although she wasn’t a big star, it was still enough) was the same actress who appeared in Special Unit 2.

      • Charlie


        • Saturn

          It’s a show from around about 2001 which dealt with a special unit (special unit 2) of the police, who were the guys you called to deal with paranormal problems.
          It was quite tongue in cheek – I used to enjoy it back in the day.
          It starred the guy who was the cop in Final Destination 2.
          Sadly it was pulled during it’s second season. Shame really, as it really was a pretty good show (if you like Ghosted then seek it out).

          Seems I mistook the PA movie – the lead actress from SU2 was in PA4 – not 3.
          It’s been a while…..

  • I think is going to be a prequel of Spider-Man 3.

    • Saturn

      I hear it’s also a game changing secret sequel to Book Of Shadows.

      • Frank Gambino


  • Mike Lawrence

    I’m so looking forward to part 2, but I’m really nervous they’ll delve too far in to this cosmological aspect of Pennywise and it’ll end up being too cheesy to be scary.
    King is great, no denying that, but he often takes things a little too far and takes the horror out of his stories by complicating them and adding these cheesy elements imo…
    So many of his books are great…until you reach the last act, and suddenly feel like you’re reading a children’s novel.

  • Mr. Red Right Hand

    thanks for the obvious, bill

  • Barry El Beardo

    I think Muschetti needs to look to Del Toro for tips in making a grounded thriller with fantastical elements, otherwise it’ll come off too cheesy.
    But I am looking forward to seeing it 🙂

  • I don’t understand when I keep seeing Muschietti reportedly saying that it’s going to be set 30 years later when they’re adults. So its definitely going to be set 30 years on from 1989 and not 27??

  • ScaryLarryV

    Idk why people don’t want to see the backstory of Pennywise, he’s basically a interdimensional alien who traveled to Derry to Feast, this is what Stephen King created and this is what Pennywise is. We don’t need a huge back story, just an explanation that he’s not a demon or a ghost he’s an alien from a different dimension.

    • MrX13

      That is thing about Pennywise, I don’t want to know where he came from, what he actually is, nor anything about him. I just want him to show up as a scary, creepy clown and scare the shit out of the adults and eat kids

    • Trav

      I think people don’t want to see it because part of what makes Pennywise so terrifying is that we don’t know what he is or where he comes from. Showing too much of his origins makes him less scary.

      • Edwina Gein

        I’ve read a lot of King. The more he explains something, the less scary it is. The same can be said of a lot of horror fiction; it’s one of the reasons Lovecraft stays popular, he stayed vague

        When it comes to IT, all you need to know is that IT is an ancient evil shape-shifting thing that comes out of hibernation every ~30 years to feed. No Turtle, no Macroverse, no Dark Tower nonsense

        • The Turtle and It are essentially God and The Devil. Everyday people/children at the center. The sense of Divinity that guides the characters is a huge party of the story.

          You don’t need to go to far into it, but establishing a couple of specific things, with some really vague context I think helps ground the story a bit more and in turn makes it more effective.

  • Nick Blackford

    Very cool. But my main concerns are using too much CGI (though I imagine the budget for the sequel will be considerably higher) and casting. Cast unknowns who can make us truly believe they are the kids from the original grown up!

  • MrX13

    I loved IT ch 1 so I am definitely looking forward to IT ch 2. As for his origins on Pennywise, I don’t care to know his backstory. Just knowing that he eats children and scare the shit out of them is fine with me. Maybe just saying that he is a demon of some sort is fine but not dive deep down.

    • Evan3

      Does it make you more interested in It’s back story to know that It is a female?

      • MrX13


  • I really hope the leaked script is happening the ch 2 , such an horrible scene that would add even more to the horrific atmosfear 😉

  • HarryIsAScam

    He said it was the adult story. Not an adult story, sounding like he is speaking of the tone. He’s says it is the adult story as in the adult portion of the book. The writers on this site change what people say. “That would explain it being an “adult” story.” He already said it was the adult story so why waste a paragraph making Bill sound like an idiot?

  • I’m all for movies doing their best to stay at least true to the spirit of the original book when it’s an adaptation–realizing that sometimes you simply can’t put something on screen–but I really hope they don’t go the whole Turtle/New Agey/Mind Battle route, because I can’t see that playing on screen. Unless they come up with some sort of absolutely brilliant take on it. Hell, I love the book, but that part of the battle was the part where I kept finding myself wondering if it was going to get over that part so we could return to something in the way of forward motion rather than navel gazing.

  • Evan3

    It honestly stuns me that the studio seemingly had NO framework in place for even a potential sequel. No actors cast, Muscietti unsigned, and apparently, no clear direction to move towards when it comes to the story. Nobody could have predicted this large of a success, but you’d think the studio would at least have had a short list of actors and/or a skeleton or outline of part 2 in place. It’ll be interesting to see how this unpreparedness impacts the release date.

    • Thomas Jozwiak

      I am shocked they didn’t film both back to back.

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