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The Many Morphing Faces of Javier Botet!



Legendary creature performer Javier Botet has been blowing minds and lurking in nightmares ever since the [REC] franchise.  His forthcoming movie credits include the titular role in Slender Man and KeyFace with the fourth entry in the Insidious series.

In Freehold (AKA 2 Pigeons in North America), Botet sheds the hours of practical effects makeup to play a traditional role of a Spaniard living in the England with a sinister cohabitation twist.  Take a look at a morphing video that recaps the creature feature roles on his resume before revealing his regular face.  After playing Horror Channel FrightFest & Grimmfest the film is out now in the UK on DVD & Digital HD.

“Orlan’s life is turned upside down when Hussein, a slick and sleazy estate agent, scuppers his plan to buy a home. While Hussein carries on as normal, oblivious to the trail of damage he has left behind him, Orlan decides to take revenge. However, his plan to get even with Hussein, and make his life as uncomfortable as possible, soon escalates out of control.”