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Rob Zombie is Resurrecting ‘The Devil’s Rejects’! [Exclusive]

Rob Zombie is Resurrecting ‘The Devil’s Rejects’! [Exclusive]

The Devil’s Rejects, arguably Rob Zombie‘s best film, ended in a hail of bullets that gave homage to Bonnie and Clyde. In the scene, Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig), Otis (Bill Moseley), and Baby (Sheri Moon Zombie) drive directly into a shootout that ends all of their lives. Yet, Zombie plans to resurrect them.

Bloody Disgusting has exclusively confirmed that Zombie is, in fact, directing a follow-up to The Devil’s Rejects.

For those unaware, The Devil’s Rejects (2005) is a spinoff of his directorial debut, House of 1,000 Corpses (2003), and this is important because of the aforementioned scene. While we don’t know any of the story details, we’re expecting it to be another spinoff or possibly a prequel, being that the Firefly family is presumed dead. It’s also unclear when he plans to shoot.

Zombie has been teasing a return to the franchise for over a year now, so this is welcome news for those dying to see the gang get back together and continuing to carry out the devil’s work. We’ll keep you posted with any updates or official news as it comes in.

What do you want to see in a new Devil’s Rejects movie?



  • Sweet!

  • AdamX


  • Terrorize Children.

    I don’t see how he could do a prequel because he would have to return them to their House of 1000 Corpses look/act, and he can’t do a sequel because….they’re dead as fuck. Maybe it’ll focus on an extension of the family? Like other Fireflys that learn of The Rejects’ deaths. Idk, I’m in.

    • I don’t see anything wrong about returning to the tone of House of 1000 Corpses, but that’s hardly the only option for a prequel (which the new film will most likely be). They could easily make it a completely different film, like he did when he made TDR different from House.

  • Mamet006

    I’ll be there.

  • Azwethinkweiz

    I could see him doing an origin story for them. That’s the only logical place to go. I’d go see it. I mean…Devil’s Rejects was great. Hands down his best flick.

    • Maybe Rob Zombie saw how much the new Leatherface prequel borrowed from The Devil’s Rejects and thought, “F*ck this, I’ll make my own origin story!”

  • gabriel

    I would rather see him do something else that has nothing to do with any if his previous work, but I hope to see the infamous Dr. Satan shed some true uninhibited carnage in this new one

  • Creepshow

    Dr. Satan involvement or no dice.

    • gabriel

      A low key, low budget yet classic horror story centered around the doc would be awesome.

      • Creepshow

        He was the center of the myth. Rob can’t just act like he was a throw-away character.

        • Brent Taylor

          DR. Satan could bring them back to life.

          • Creepshow

            I was honestly disappointed that Dr. Satan was swept under the rug in Rejects.

          • I disagree. I was disappointed at the lack of Doctor Satan when I first saw The Devil’s Rejects (mainly due to expectations), but his exclusion makes perfect sense. In the first film, we don’t even know if Doctor Satan is real, or is just a myth created by the cult. Even the ending was implied to possibly be a nightmare sequence. Not having him in The Devil’s Rejects maintains that ambiguity without spoiling the ending to the original, like many horror sequels do.

            Besides, Rob Zombie shot a scene with Doctor Satan in TDR, but removed it when he realised that this character wouldn’t fit the more grounded tone of the radically-different sequel.

          • I would have been ok with that scene though.

          • I wouldn’t be opposed to that scene being in the film either, but I do think the reason for not including it are justified.

          • Hopefully the new film maintains that he is a mythological figure, unless they find a way to bring him back that makes sense (such as setting a prequel before he was hung).

          • Whatever it is I hope it’s better than a Freebird shootout.

          • My current theory is that each film in the series will be in a different subgenre. House was an over-the-top haunted house/slasher, while Devil’s Rejects was a more grounded road trip film. Maybe Zombie will likewise give the new film its own tone as well.

          • Otterlee

            Interesting thought. Maybe a possession of another Rydell by Dr. Satan himself to bring back the fambly. Those Rydells are just as BSC as the Fireflies.

          • J Jett

            i only just now realized that that’s Rosario Dawson as the nurse! so cool!
            why didn’t they cops just bash Dr. Satan over the head until he released her throat (unharmed)?

          • Because they’re in a horror film, haha. Yeah, seeing a big name actress like her in a deleted scene is like spotting an Easter Egg in a DVD. It’s one of those interesting things you don’t expect.

          • J Jett

            thanx for posting that video! 🙂

    • Travis_Bickle

      Maybe he lives next door to….you?!

  • Timothy Paich

    That ending could just be a vision of when the remnants of the family shot to death. Maybe instead a direct sequel to House of 1,000 Corpses.

    • I doubt Rob Zombie would ignore the events of his own sequel to his own film (a superior sequel, nonetheless) just to make another sequel possible. I bet it will either be a prequel, or a spin-off with the last remaining family members – Tiny and Doctor Satan.

      • Stogie Jones

        Doubt Tiny is gonna be in it since the actor who potrayed him, Matthew McGrory died in 2005.

        • That’s true. They could recast, but Zombie seems very respectful of his actors and even re-uses them in other films. He might not be willing to recast. Only time will tell.

          • Blake Ranking

            He recast Mama Firefly for TDR…

          • DukeStKing

            I heard Karen Black wanted way too much moolah. I may be wrong.

          • trevor_phillips

            She did

          • But I don’t recall her being one of his “big” actors that he likes to use in most of his films (like Sheri Zombie, Bill Moseley, Ken Foree, ETC).

      • Kyle Saunders

        I think that he could just ignore the events of The Devil’s Rejects and bring everyone back. The Devil’s Rejects stands on it’s own. It can be a follow-up that isn’t a direct sequel. The Devil’s Rejects itself is more of a follow-up than a sequel anyways.

  • HOLY SHIT, THIS IS GREAT NEWS! I know that he’s only doing this because he’s out of other ideas, but if he has a new story to tell with these characters, than I’m up for it. After the ending to The Devil’s Rejects (2006), it’s almost certainly a prequel of some sort.

    “The Devil’s Rejects, arguably Rob Zombie‘s best film”

    None of his other films have come close. That was the film where he showed his full potential (which he has yet to reach a second time). Even House of 1000 Corpses was just an entertaining popcorn hash of other horror films.

  • Scoob

    Too little too late I think unless Dr Satan is finally brought into the mix. He was noticeably absent in TDR. It could lead to some serious strange shit with his inclusion even going so far as to introduce some strange occult shit and some kind of magick like a Crowley type that resurrects the family. He was definitely a strange cat. No telling what a freak like that could be capable of. There was no explanation as to why Dr. S even collected the bodies or needed 1000 corpses

  • tyler

    Love every single Rob Zombie film – so no doubt I will love this (secretly wishing it was a sequel to Lords of Salem)! The only thing that irritates me is that it takes him forever from announcing a film to its release date – so I won’t expect this for 3 or 4 yrs.
    Anyways, seeing how extremely different 1,000 corpses was from Devil’s Rejects… I am sure this will be vastly different from those two. We can at least count on Captain Spaulding and Baby being present though!

  • Travis_Bickle

    Anything has to be better then 31

    • sliceanddice

      ladies, i want to faaaaak yooooo

  • Sasha Kozak

    Devils Rejects was so good, do a prequel or something like that

  • Peter Kushing

    Do a Dr. Satan movie dammitt

    • Otterlee

      Doctor Satan Doctor Satan!

    • Cappy Tally


    • sliceanddice

      i hate rob zombie but that would be fucking exciting.

    • JosephPattisall

      Yes please!

  • Chase LeValley

    Wasn’t he supposed to be doing a T-Rex boxing movie or something next and a Blob remake?

  • WW76

    It’s easy. Start the film off with the freebird ending, cut to Otis waking up as if it were a bad dream, then continue forward. RZ could pull it off.

  • Brian VonDerahe

    I am also very excited to hear this! I picture a Halloween 2 Laurie Strode scenario where the Firefly family somehow manages to come back to life with medical intervention and extreme good luck. I’m just happy to know that Bill and Sid will be back together as these crazy characters one final time.

  • DuckingGold

    Just what we need another shitty Rob Zombie movie.

    • Hank_Scorpio

      Whew, I thought I was the only one to see RZ movies as the steaming piles of cinematic excrement they are….

  • Evan Kiesler

    We NEED this

  • Kaijudude

    I’m intrigued

  • Adam Clifton

    Seems pretty final to me. I don’t know how he’s going to bring his wife back for a third outing

    • It’s a Rob Zombie film, there’ll always be a way to fit Sheri Moon in it

    • Justin Howard Henderson

      Sherri Moon was part of the Firefly family. She wasn’t just some random person on the Movie. Anyways, This movie is suppose to be a prequel. The events in this movie is suppose to happen before, “The Devils Rejects.”

      • Adam Clifton

        Before the Devil’s Rejects movie? Cool. I hope he gives it a nice title, like ‘House Of 1000 Corpses’ or something

  • Lady Bathory

    It’s good to see that RZ is focusing on horror again. I absolutely didn’t care for his hockey film or that Croucho Marx bio.
    Personally, I think The Lords of Salem is his best film but The Devil’s Rejects is pretty fun to watch, too. Just leave out the sexual violence and rape this time…
    With House and Rejects RZ has created a whole universe and there are so many possible plots to add to the story. Prequel, sequel with a twist on the last one, spin-off, etc.
    Considering that House is a TCM style horror film and Rejects is a horror road movie, I’d really like to see a third sub-genre for this next one. Maybe something with paranormal elements or Dr. Satan resurrecting the Firefly family.

    • Burak Erkil

      loved your resurrection idea! hope RZ is clever & brilliant enough to understand what he create regarding the sub-genre and gives us some reverse corner feeling with the 3th instalment!

    • Travis_Bickle

      “Maybe something with paranormal elements or Dr. Satan resurrecting the Firefly family”
      That sounds like a really bad/stupid idea, imo.

    • Calavera

      Sounds like it could work pretty well. I’d love some more Dr. Satan.

  • Francesco Falciani

    Holy Fucking fuck yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Lisa Cosens

    No disrespect but he better soon do it. Sid has not been in the best of health and is not getting any younger. I can’t imagine anyone else playing the part. I have met him a few times at different cons. He is a very sweet man.

    • Bob Hinson

      Sid is a great guy and very smart too.

    • trevor_phillips

      What’s the matter, kid? Don’t ya like clowns?

  • Jérémy Kuprowski

    Well, since it’s one of his only good movies, I’d say that it’s fairly good news! I don’t really see how a sequel could work, but I’ve seen weirder stuff happens in horror so… We’ll see.

  • I Am Colossus

    Actually because I like those first 2 so much, I’m not really dying for a prequel or sequel….I’d like it if he would just make something really harsh again though…like Rejects or Halloween 2, those movies are pretty gnarly

    • J Jett

      i love his H2! 🙂

      • Mike Lawrence

        One of the best Halloween movies, hands down.

        • Bill Agans

          I definitely agree w/ that. I like how he added the whole white horse mythology & the way they showed his inner child.

    • trevor_phillips

      What I don’t get is was the beginning of Halloween 2 a dream or not?

      • Travis_Bickle

        That movie blows, don’t waste time thinking about it.

      • I Am Colossus

        Just the hospital sequence

  • Saturn

    Have Michael Myers join the clan…..

    • trevor_phillips


  • Alanmac

    Excited to see this! Looks like RZ is finally admitting to himself that Rejects is pretty much his one overall success and cashing in on it.

  • Darren Kerr

    The Firefly Family versus The Whatever Heads from 31.

  • The Night King

    He could undo the end of Devil’s Rejects in under five minutes by showing them in the shoot out with police, then having Baby wake up with a jolt to see it was a dream she was having as they were riding along. It’s a movie, not brain surgery.

    • Bob Hinson

      I like it! Good idea, we need the gang back one more time!

    • J Jett

      no offense but that’s horrible. it completely cheapens/ruins the ending to DEVIL’S REJECTS. the whole “waking up from a dream” thing (in most, if not all movies) is just a terrible idea.

      • Jessica

        Fine, it was an acid trip at Charlie’s …

      • The Night King

        My point was to show how easy it is in a movie to make the impossible possible. People are acting like it’s reality and everything is set in stone, like these people are really dead. Unless he sets it earlier than the Reject stroyline, any continuation of the story after Rejects is ridiculous.

      • It’s been done before – NOEMS, F13, to name a few that were hardly objectionable. Let’s see what he comes up with. I’d be game.

  • drew
  • tescape99


  • MadCows

    I just hope another movie doesn’t ruin The Devil’s Rejects in some way. That ending was just so good.

  • HalesTales

    House and Rejects are two my favorite movies all of time, but I really have no interest in any more installments. They are two perfect movies and the ending of Rejects was perfect.

  • MrX13

    Not sure how he is going to resurrect the characters since they all got a shower of bullets at them. Not sure a prequel will work but maybe. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Zombie brings us

    • Adam Krause

      That last scene could be shown in the new film as a “what if” that they instead choose not to do.

      • MrX13

        I figure that Zombie will go that route or some type of dream sequence

    • Jessica

      Make it a dream scene in the beginning of the new movie and take it from there.

  • J Jett

    what the fuck? so it will be a prequel?

  • RZ75 Fan

    Personally it was a great ending and honestly anything he comes up with is going to be awesome! But I’d really like to see him remake the movie CHRISTINE!! That was a bad ass movie and he would be the one to make it brilliant as a remake!!

    • Mike Lawrence

      I can’t see him taking on any more remakes after the restrictions he said he faced taking on Halloween, but if he was going to I really liked the idea of him taking on The Blob a couple years back

  • Mike Lawrence

    I’d be excited to see some of these characters come back. It wouldn’t be hard to buy that any or all of the 3 survived the shoot out.

    • Jessica

      Them leaving Charlie’s up until the shootout was a dream. They re-do the ending and go from there.

      • agentboolen

        No dream endings are horrible!!

  • Kari Sanders

    I would love to see a prequel with Otis first discovering the family and then going off with Baby for the Son of Satan murders.

  • IWC-3PO

    It should be a prequel that’s also a sequel that’s also a hockey movie that’s also a reboot of The Crow.

  • Mamet006

    It’s about a girl in college having visions. My exclusive scoop.

  • Tyler McPherson

    They are dead. How can there be a follow-up?

    • ShadowInc

      Maybe they are raised from the grave by Dr Satan. : D

      • Coma White

        As plausible as anything I’ve heard.
        Shit, how many times has Jason been brought back around? And I find the Firefly family SO much more interesting…………….except Sheri Moon.
        She really rubs me the wrong way at every turn. But I can overlook it for the family.

      • Robert Driscoll

        I would be for this scenario, they could lean into otis’s dark comedy and make it super gory. It could work.

  • trevor_phillips

    The whole dream/nightmare/drug trip would be stupid.

  • ShadowInc

    I can imagine a few scenarios (as far fetched as they may be) where the REJECTS could still be alive. I mean, you never see a fatal headshot, or their actual deaths (the film ends on a freeze frame with the sound of a hail of bullets, so you would assume they died).
    It’s a stretch, but I’d rather see a continuation of the story, rather than a prequel.

    • Tom Dunphy

      Maybe Otis and Spaulding break out of prison together and take a bloody roadtrip to bust Baby out? That could be cool.

  • Wouldn’t want another film with an all new cast. Either bring back the old cast or work on a new film.

    • Susan Abts Willems

      was thinking same as I was reading comments, this movie is classic gold

    • bufflowbill

      he has a knack for remaking. i thought his version of Halloween was great. He could redo another like that or just drop movies altogether.

  • Timothy Paich

    There could maybe an Unholy 2 movie. There were Indiana Jones films that took place in the 1930’s and then the 4th taking place in 1957. There could be comic book backstories.

  • I’ll believe this very movie news only when that film project officially happens,otherwise I’ll just take it as mere speculation.

  • Big Boss Rogers

    Maybe the family in their younger days wrecking havoc! Or Even. Dr. Satan spin off picking up after the events of TDR’s! That sick fuck needs too be explored and explained!

  • Jack Datass

    he made 2 good films

  • bugman

    this is utterly fantastic news. very excited. rob is pure gold in my eyes, and the devil’s rejects among a fantastic movie.

  • Laura Kinney (X-23)


    That ending to Devil’s Rejects was PERFECT!! (They were horrible people who did horrible things and THEY DIED!!) And we don’t need a fucking prequel!! (Which would be ridiculous given these actors are obviously MUCH older now!! Look at Sid Haig in the beginning of Bone Tomahawk, he looked like he had trouble standing!!) And if he casts younger actors for a prequel, it just wouldn’t be the same. Look at that shitty fucking Leatherface prequel we got.

    I love Rob Zombie’s films as much as his loyal fans, but I mean, C’MON already!! Is he already so out of ideas that he has to resurrect the fucking Fireflys?? Devil’s Rejects is awesome AS IS.

    • Bob Meracle

      Agreed. A direct sequel with same cast would most likely involve canes and walkers and much hobbling around. There’s a wealth of interesting original material out there to choose from. I don’t get the reason for all the sequel/prequel mentality.

    • bufflowbill

      yes. leatherface sucked. didnt even match the last story of his facial disease. Dumb

  • Nick Carton

    The fact that the characters died is enough to warrant not making a sequel. Also, Zombie hasn’t made a good movie since

    • Bob Vavick

      So you would rather have nothing? Dont watch it

  • peter mckain

    hope its spaulding spin-off

  • RedNeoCon

    God forbid he try something original these days.

  • Matty Ice 2016

    Oh Dear God No. ZOMBIE is so over. Exposed for total hack he is. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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