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Director Teases the Brutal Horrors of ‘Hellraiser: Judgment’



We still have no idea what’s happening with Hellraiser: Judgment in terms of the release strategy, and our only real source of information about the new franchise film has been its passionate director, longtime series makeup artist Gary J. Tunnicliffe.

On the latest episode of Adam Green and Joe Lynch’s The Movie Crypt podcast, Tunnicliffe didn’t reveal anything about the film’s release, which he’s likely as in the dark about as we are, but he did tease the gruesome horrors that await.

“I had the most fun on that I’ve ever had, and I’ve never worked so hard on a Hellraiser film, but we had a great time,” Tunnicliffe said of the new film.

We did two sequences where… one the actress almost passed out… a scene that you especially, Adam… you are going to freak the fuck out,” he continued. “I’ll tell you off air about it, and when I explain it to you, you’re going to be like, ‘Jesus Christ.’ Involving a small dog. No, the dog doesn’t get hurt. But it goes through some… trauma. And then we had three grips leave the set during a sequence when they said, ‘This is utterly screwed up.’

Paul T. Taylor takes over the role of Pinhead for Judgment.

The film also stars A Nightmare On Elm Street‘s Heather Langenkamp, along with Damon Carney, Randy Wayne, Alexandra Harris, John Gulager, Mike Jay Regan, Diane Goldner, Andi Powers, Jeff Fenter, Helena Grace Donald, and Grace Montie (read about their roles).

In the new sequel, “Detectives Sean and David Carter are on the case to find a gruesome serial killer terrorizing the city. Joining forces with Detective Christine Egerton, they dig deeper into a spiraling maze of horror that may not be of this world. Could the Judgment awaiting the killer’s victims also be waiting for Sean?”

We hope to have release news soon.

HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT shot via Gary J. Tunnicliffe

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