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Sam Neill Rumored to Return in ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’

Sam Neill Rumored to Return in ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’

Mr. Sunday Movies made a wild claim that Sam Neill could be returning to Jurassic Park as Dr. Alan Grant in J. A. Bayona‘s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

According to the video, Neill was spotted in a blacked-out SUV on set during filming, which suggested he could be making a surprise cameo. In regards to the source, they previously broke the news about Matt Damon’s cameo in Thor: Ragnarok. Take it for what it’s worth.

It’s surprising they’ve kept this secret being that they made a whole bunch of noise behind Jeff Goldblum‘s return as Ian Malcolm, which was confirmed in the first trailer debut earlier this week. Goldblum is rumored to just be a cameo, with the trailer implying he’s testifying as to why these dinosaurs need to be saved. Is this the same sequence that we’d see Neill make his return? Personally, I hope we see them both back in a larger capacity.  Neill last battled dinos in Jurassic Park III.

J. A. Bayona (A Monster Calls) directed the new installment. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are returning for the sequel, which also stars Jeff Goldblum, along with Justice Smith, James Cromwell, and Toby Jones. Colin Trevorrow, who directed Jurassic World, wrote the script for the sequel with Derek Connolly.

Life finds a way on June 22, 2018.



  • john

    “he’s testifying as to why these dinosaurs need to be saved.”

    He is? I didn’t hear him take a stance either way and if past is prelude, Malcolm would want the dinosaurs wiped out if that’s what nature has selected for them.

    Nature selected the original dinosaurs for extinction. Man brought ’em back. Now nature’s selecting them again. Malcolm should be doubling down on his original argument in Fallen Kingdom.

    • Lord Trigon

      He was pretty vague, I got the feeling he was just warning them that the situation might escape their control. While Ian was against the cloning I think it would be out of character of him to endorse abandoning them to die.

      But then it looks like they’re vilifying Henry Wu so maybe?

  • Adaaification

    The GIF animation at the end on the article is truly disturbing.

    • To say the least

    • J Jett

      LOL! so true!

    • gjk2012 .

      It’s Bloody Disgusting.

      • Hardcore F’n Mudd

        Outstanding reply.

  • Baron Von Marlon

    Nostalgia factor a gogo.

  • Khy

    The Fallen Kingdom trailer failed to excite me. I love me some Chris Pratt but it was basically “‘HEY LOOK!! CHRIS PRATT YO! Oh and a few dinos but who currs!”.

    Also the plot and the film itself seems more like a big-budgeted SyFy movie premiere. Didn’t feel like “Jurassic” to me…

    • J Jett

      now i admit this scene in context might be the problem but the part of the trailer that i cringed at was the “THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!” (or whatever) line from Pratt’s character. i just can’t even think of a possibility of what he’s referring to. with the knowledge that the island is going to be destroyed (or whatever) and that every person in this rescue mission is in EXTREME EXTREME danger (from the volcano, the dinos, etc.),
      that line of dialogue is completely inappropriate/ill fitting.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    well, if Ian comes back so he should he and the Woman

  • Dot

    I really don’t care too much for the new franchise as I’m not too hot on the new cast.
    Neill and Goldblum were perfect! If they’re back in bigger capacity for JW3 I’d willingly watch the movie in theatres as opposed to Netflix

    • gjk2012 .

      I couldn’t make it through the first Jurassic World

  • IWC-3PO

    Bring back Ariana Richards. Last movie I remember seeing her in was some werewolf movie on the Syfy Channel.

    • Christopher Burns Jr

      Its called BattleDogs. Fun fact, I’m the holographic guy in front of her in the airport 😉

  • thegunshow

    Jurassic Park 3 is the only film in the franchise that I really don’t care for. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the others and I think “The Lost World” is seriously underrated. The 2 T-Rexes attacking the trailer are worth your time alone. I will say that the trailer for this new film looks pretty derivative to me, but I’m encouraged that everything in it supposedly happens in the first act. Hopefully they are just holding back on the serious action. These movies are plain and simple creature features, and I’m a sucker for those. I don’t need anything more than original monster on monster or monster on human action. If this film can deliver that in a fresh way, I’m in.

  • Dylan Summers

    Erm don’t be forgetting Laura Dern when it comes to cameos Universal!!! Ellie was just as much of the original gang as Ian and Alan!!!

    • Lord Trigon

      We need to see the whole trinity reunite.

  • Lord Trigon

    Please be true. Alan needs to put that douchebag Owen in his place.

    And Rexy still needs to kill a goddamn Spinosaurus!

  • Adam Paquette

    Grant and Malcolm in the same movie again? Sign me up!

  • RedNeoCon

    Jurassic World trailer was awful. That red head bitch now wants to save dinosaurs? Weak plot. That’s the best they have?

    • gjk2012 .

      Be careful! That red headed bitch is the daughter of Ron Howard!

    • Super VJ Land

      Theyve already destroyed the franchise with Jurassic World 1.

      At least we have the first trilogy to watch

  • diapers

    Bring back Nedry! Long live Nedry!

  • Harriz022


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