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No, Blumhouse Isn’t Remaking ‘Friday the 13th’



This past weekend we collectively celebrated when production officially began on the David Gordon Green-directed Halloween, which will bring Michael Myers back to the big screen this coming October. The resurrection of the Shape came to fruition when Bloody Disgusting exclusively reported that Dimension Films had lost the rights to the franchise, which allowed Blumhouse to make a deal with Miramax through their distribution deal with Universal Pictures. The entire entertainment community has been watching closely as Halloween is one of the biggest horror franchises. With that, many sites are already fishing for the next big story, allowing clickbait headlines to turn into fraudulent news pieces.  It’s with great irritation that I’m having to report that, no, Blumhouse is not remaking Friday the 13th.

While the “news” spread this past weekend, this all started back in October when this YouTube interviewer was fishing for clickbait. When asked, “What classic horror movie would you like to reboot or remake?”

“I really wanted to do Friday the 13th,” Jason Blum replied. “I would love to do that movie. Maybe someday we’ll get to do that one?”

First of all, this interview is from October.  An uninformed clickbait website writer picked it up late (this past weekend), claiming that not only is Blumhouse interested in remaking Friday the 13th, but they are. That’s not what he said. Blum was simply being candid and answering the interviewer’s question. He would like to if the opportunity were to ever present itself. It’s a fun quote, but there’s nothing factual or all that newsworthy shared.

Once people assumed that Blumhouse was connected to Friday the 13th, it led to a second round of uninformed fluff pieces staged for clicks. You see, Universal Pictures announced a new slate of Blumhouse titles – one of which would be released on Friday, December 13, 2019. “An untitled Blumhouse movie coming out on Friday the 13th?! It must be a remake of Friday the 13th!”


In June of 2013, Warner Bros. Pictures traded their Friday the 13th rights to Paramount Pictures in exchange for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. It was a five-year deal that would allow Paramount to resurrected Jason Voorhees without Warner Bros. interfering. Unforuntaltey, a change in climate (found-footage dying) and leadership (Paramount playing musical chairs with development execs), as well as the flop of Rings, caused the Voorhees family to remain dormant. Now, the rights are about to revert back to Warner Bros. Pictures. Simply put, Warner Bros. will soon have the rights to Friday the 13th, not Universal. This would mean that, once the rights revert, Warners would have to hire Blumhouse to produce a new film for them. This makes absolutely no sense considering Blumhouse has a deal directly with Universal Pictures.

Furthermore, there’s an ongoing rights dispute with Victor Miller, who is claiming rights to the franchise. This is said to be resolved by this coming summer, but in the meantime, nothing is going to happen with the Friday the 13th franchise. Our inside sources tell us this is very real, and potentially hugely problematic. With that said, there is one way Blumhouse could end up with the opportunity to remake F13: If Miller were to win the suit, he could then take the property to Blumhouse and distribute through Universal.

This is not to say that Blumhouse won’t one day find a way to make their own Friday the 13th, but today it’s nothing short of irresponsible reporting. The only news that we have to share is that the rights will be reverting back to Warners soon and that this lawsuit with Miller is quite real, and potentially devastating to the franchise. All eyes should be on the courts to see what they rule in the coming months. I know this feels like a shot to the head, but until then, let’s just be happy that Michael Myers is alive and well.