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BREAKING: Paramount Pictures Lands ‘Friday the 13th’ License! Jason Voorhees Will Return!!!!

How Batman and Christopher Nolan saved the Friday the 13th franchise, for now…

One of the biggest hold-ups to a sequel to the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th was that there were just too many hands in the pot. Just yesterday I was talking with a few colleagues about how we won’t see the return of Jason Voorhees until someone lets up – whether it be Paramount or New Line/Warner Bros. Pictures. After years of fan tears, breaking news comes out of the Hollywood Reporter who writes that Paramount Pictures has officially landed the franchise rights, which also include Jason Voorhees and his likeness. This is major news as we should expect a sequel to get back on fast-track immediately.

When Paramount and Warner Bros. teamed up on Christopher Nolan’s latest movie project, Interstellar, in January, some wondered how Warners made its way on board a project set up at a rival studio…

Now, months later, THR has learned more about the price that Warners had to pay in exchange for half the Nolan project. The cast of characters includes Friday the 13th villain Jason Voorhees as well as the foul-mouthed kids from “South Park” (bonus news!).

Warners, which released Nolan’s megagrossing Batman movies and maintains an overall deal with his Syncopy label, wanted in on Interstellar so badly it gave Paramount its rights to co-finance the next Friday the 13th horror film as well as its portion of a future “South Park” movie. Also part of the deal was an agreement to let Paramount co-finance a to-be-determined A-list Warners property.

Warner Bros. and Paramount declined to comment on the arrangement.

So you’re completely up to speed, here’s a recap of how we got to today…

The original Friday was made in 1980 by producer Sean Cunningham with investments from Boston theater owners. Paramount got domestic distribution rights; Warners had international. Eventually, the rights reverted back to Cunningham, who took them to New Line Cinema in the 1990s as part of an attempt to jumpstart a Freddy vs. Jason movie (with the villain from A Nightmare on Elm Street). That process took more than 10 years, and in the meantime, New Line made two other Friday the 13th movies (using the character in the title; Jason Goes To Hell and Jason X).

When it came time for New Line, now part of Warner Bros., to develop a Friday remake/reboot, it was revealed that Paramount had certain rights to the original and had to be brought in as 50-50 partners. Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes ended up producing 2009’s Friday the 13th, which grossed a respectable $91 million for Paramount and Warners on a budget of less than $20 million.

Efforts to launch a sequel to the rebooted Friday as well as a second “South Park” movie were complicated due to both studios having a share in them. So Warners decided to sacrifice Jason and Cartman for a deal on Nolan’s Interstellar, thus maintaining its relationship with the filmmaker and snagging a piece of what could be another Inception.

In the process, risk-averse Paramount got a partner on a pricey sci-fi tentpole in addition to the ability to make another movie based on one of the most successful horror franchises of all time and an animation juggernaut.

However, there is a catch: Sources say Paramount only enjoys the rights for both titles for the next five years and has that amount of time to make follow-up movies.

What does this mean SEQUELS ARE COMING! Talk below…



  • Jhanse3 (Jhanse29)

    Hopefully they bring in new writers. That is what let down the 2009 film. They characters were just dumb. I prefer to have characters that I care about vs just the cliched riles they wrote in the last film.

    • wildgator25

      …. so you cared about Teddy and his “Dead Fuck” analogy for Jimbo?

      That was lame ass characters!

      • divisionbell

        Yeah pretty sure every film the series was made up of cliche characters. I think the second was the closest they got to actual characters.

      • Anthony

        I really dislike remakes.Come up with something original take the same character and use all the new tech to make a great story,use interesting new characters,with a style,special quality their own.not just someone you put in a film cause he’s the producers rich kid.

      • shelly84


  • EvanDickson

    I actually want a sequel to the 2009 film. I loved it.

    • divisionbell

      You and me both! Wasn’t entirely what I wanted out of it (mainly because it didn’t take place at summer cam the whole time), but this is still the best news I’ve read all day!!

      • Aaron Emery

        The reboot was one of the best entries in the series. I would love to see this franchise live on.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    It’s about fucking time. I didn’t love the first Friday, but I feel it has the most potential to get better. Bring on a sequel, but come up with better kills and better characters. South Park? I’m not a fan, but congrats to those of you who want a new movie based on it.

  • strike_77

    Awesome! Jason has the potential to rise again! Hopefully, they’ll make the next installment a reboot-sequel hybrid like “Evil Dead” or the upcoming “Poltergeist” redo.

  • Darkness69

    There’s nothing better than to come home after a long work day and read such good news! I’m more of a Freddy Krueger fan, but Jason deserves great movies and kills as well. One with the sequel(s)!

  • elric300

    Sounds like maybe we be back to getting a new Friday the 13th movie every 1-2 years. Instead of like, decades.

    And PLEASE, someone out there..when this all starts revving up..CALL KANE HODDER!

  • Zombie-Killa

    Awesome! I absolutely adored the 2009 film, and was PISSED we didn’t get a follow up to it. Can’t wait to see Jason return to the big screen!

  • Slasher_Lover23

    I really liked the remake. The only flaw for me was the poor character development. I didn’t mind the whole hostage thing because, despite not being Jason-like, it made sense why he did it. Anyway, great news, plus I would love to see another South Park movie as well!

  • 905Justin

    bring back kane hodder…and make this remake sequel not suck like the last one

    • 905Justin

      also there was originally suppose to be 13 in the series so why not finish it off instead of making these shit reboots

  • Julian Nunez

    I thought the remake was alright, not the best nor the worst. So im open to a sequel to it. On a different note, does this mean we might get a new south park movie?

  • tlyon2

    Alright now they can do Friday the 13th part 12:Jason vs Jarvis.

    The hell with a sequel to the 2009 remake/reboot that was a pile of crap!

    Thank god it’s back at Paramount where it belongs even if it’s only for the next 5 years!

  • Blood-Sicles

    Awesome news! I’m one of the few who enjoyed the remake. Wasn’t perfect (no chase scenes), but it was done well. Can’t wait!

  • dr.lamb

    Friday the 13th was as aseptic as it gets. I say, do the 13th movie (if you include Freddy vs. Jason) and let end everything with a bang. Give us the final showdown between Jason and Tommy (Corey Feldman, of course), who returns from the asylum for the insane for revenge 🙂

  • Pink

    And this is GOOD news?!?! Paramount ALWAYS treated this franchise like SHIIIIIIIIT! Now we`re not gonna get anything at all. I was hoping Warner had the license now…Oh well. Now we have to wait 4-5 years before we get ONE more of the old films on Bluray! FUCK!!!!!!

    • Baphochrist

      Agreed Pink. I thought that with Warner Bros we might get UNCUT versions of every single film in a blu ray set. Paramount always treated the series like garbage. Not sure how this is good news. All it will probably mean is one more half assed sequel and even more umpteenth boxset with no new goodies.

  • FreddyKrueger13

    About time an icon returns. I can’t wait to see a new Jason, I loved the reboot. What we really need though is a new Nightmare on Elm Street

  • TwistedCritic

    The remake had its flaws for sure, but it was certainly better than the previous four movies (not counting FvJ). I agree what someone else said that they should bring back the camp setting – we haven’t seen it properly done since part 6. And another extended pre-title sequence – but in the snow – would be nice.

  • diapers

    Two requests. Bring in Corey Feldman as Tommy, and Crispin Glover in a walk on role as, say, a really weird cemetery caretaker, or something.

  • Kwonkicker

    I enjoyed the 2009 remake also. This is great news!

  • Nightflyre9

    This is incredible news, but I hope they aspire to something much greater than the 2009 remake, which was a generic piece of shit that felt completely detached from everything I love about the FT13 universe. My greatest hope is that, with 33 years of history behind it, the next film will actually pull its story line from the canon of the series and use characters and situations we’re familiar with, things that actually MEAN something to those of us who’ve loved and supported these films over the years. And if by some chance they were able to populate the next movie with some actors (and final girls???) from the original films, I know I could die happy!

  • djblack1313

    i very much liked the reboot. yes, it wasn’t perfect but it was the best Jason and the best F13 movie since part 5. and HELL NO don’t bring back Kane Hodder. Kane is a very nice guy and all but Derek Mears was AWESOME as Jason. why anyone prefers the slow lumbering Jason (Hodder’s), that is a zombie and walks very slow yet is STILL able to catch up with the fastest running victim, is a perplexing. i hated zombie Jason. awful. Mears brought back the scary/intense and HUMAN Jason.

    i hope a sequel to the reboot is what’s on deck. please no F13 part 134 (or whatever number the original films are on). pick up where the reboot ended!

    • DarrelDreadful

      1000 % Agreed! Derek was a fantastic Jason. I loved the tone of remake, the only thing for me is they could have made the kills way more satisfying. I thought the sleeping bag death was awesome though. Bring on more Jason please!

    • menoch

      +1 here on Derek Mears, easily the best Jason since Ted White. I’m sure Kane Hodder is a great guy and all but I’ve never understood the love for Hodder as Jason. And I swear if I hear one more reboot complainer say “Jason doesn’t run!”
      For all those non believers out there…

      • djblack1313

        Darrel & menoch, RIGHT?! Derek was most definitely the best Jason since Ted White. i’m wondering if the love for Kane’s Jason has to do with people’s age. i grew up with F13’s 1-5, so Jason to me is a NON-zombie (yuck) who runs pretty fucking fast. i’m thinking maybe it’s that younger people who really only grew up with Kane’s zombie Jason are preferring that version and forget (or choose not to acknowledge) that Jason was human and ran fast.

  • ThunderDragoon


  • j.c

    Wonder how this affects Warner’s proposed Blu-ray boxset. Im gonna assume that’s gone for now.

  • Twenty2point8

    I Love Friday the 13th but the remake was a big let down, and its not something I can re-watch.

    So please bring back Corey Feldman as Tommy and Kane Hodder and make it Friday the 13th part 13 and have Tommy as the main character.

    • djblack1313

      Twenty2point8, so you WANT the movie to fail? i don’t mean to sound mean/rude but Corey Feldman is not going to draw a crowd to the theaters. in fact his being in the movie would have most people look at the flick as a joke/lame movie.

      also (just curious) why do you want slow, lumbering zombie Jason again? i just don’t understand how people found that Jason more intense/exciting/scary over Jason’s 1-5 (i know part 5 wasn’t Jason) and the reboot. Mears’s Jason finally gave audiences an intense kill machine.

      • turtlenipple

        It’s strange that you think you’re the only person who has the right to an opinion on this? I prefer slow Jason. I also prefer Hodder. I’m guessing you enjoy Zombie’s Halloween to the original?

  • Yes, yes… new Jason… that’s all well and good.

    I think the real news here is A FUTURE SOUTH PARK FILM!!! God damn that’s a happy moment. Even after all these years Bigger, Longer, and Uncut is still one of the most hilarious things I can think of to watch.

  • tlyon2

    Oh yes and one more thing! For the love of god please keep Platinum Dunes far away from this,we want a good Friday the 13th movie,not another pile of crap.

  • kileysmith0

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  • shelly84

    damn guys, dunno how come u enjoy so much of this crappy remakes…. Why dont we just sit our fat asses back and watched the classics. To hell with this money making remakes, we are not dumb kids anymore (or are we?)

  • Francesco

    i just hope to get some good news soon very soon. the first good friday the 13th will be on february 13th 2015. and if they have 5 years they can make a second one on january 13th 2017.

  • Francesco

    and yes i just hope NO fake footage!!!

  • Jay Rutrow

    I hoped they would have had a movie released by this year but its too late now. A 13th movie coming out on 9/13/13 would have made for great marketing. The next best thing Paramount can do is announce on that date that they going to start filming the 13th movie.

  • turtlenipple

    I’d love a Friday the 13th set in the 90’s with some cool cameos like Corey Feldman and Kevin Bacon. My problem with any Jason movie released after 8 is that they lose that 80’s charm that makes all of the cliche, idiotic characters okay. Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t explain it to you, it just doesn’t bother me as much watching a jackass be a jackass in the 80’s/90’s as it does watching a jackass being a jackass these days. I do love every movie featuring Jason Voorhees though and will see anything they put out.

    • DeadInHell

      No, that makes sense. I’m the same way. I can forgive old slasher films for doing things that I wouldn’t forgive in a new one.

      It’s like the new Evil Dead. In 1981 that kind of stuff was acceptable. But now? Post Scream? Post Cabin in the Woods? Going back to those old formulas, and re-using those old character templates…it just all falls flat. It’s like they’re telling a joke they don’t understand.

      We expect a little more from the genre now (or we should, at least). The problem is that we rarely get it.

  • DeadInHell

    I feel as though I’m alone in not caring about Kane Hodder at all. He wasn’t even in any of the good movies. His Jason consisted of him standing with his arms at his sides and breathing heavily. OH MAN, SO MENACING AND EFFECTIVE. NO ONE COULD EVER MATCH THIS.

    But yeah, I’m stoked about this news. The remake wasn’t a revelation or anything, but it was by far the best of the slasher remakes. TCM, ANOES, and especially Halloween were all insulting garbage. Actually, ANOES wasn’t so much offensively horrible as it was utterly pointless and kind of dull. Friday the 13th 2009 was actually fairly entertaining, and managed to combine major themes and plot elements from the first four films in a satisfying way. And it was definitely a better installment than the horrible New Line sequels. And Jason Takes Manhattan. If nothing else.

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