Universal's Dark Universe Continues to Die as 'Invisible Man' Writer Exits - Bloody Disgusting
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Universal’s Dark Universe Continues to Die as ‘Invisible Man’ Writer Exits



It was in May of last year that Universal officially announced its “Dark Universe, the umbrella for an interconnected series of monster movie reboots that would give Marvel and DC a run for their box office dollars. A handful of big name stars were attached, with the Tom Cruise-led The Mummy kicking things off in June 2017.

And that’s pretty much where the Dark Universe began and ended. After the box office failure of The Mummy, it seemed pretty clear that Universal was very likely going to pull the plug on the Dark Universe, and indeed they did soon shut down production on the planned next film in the universe, Bride of Frankenstein. Recent rumors have suggested that Bride is getting another chance at life, but nothing has been confirmed at this time. And today brings more bad news for the Dark Universe, which may be 100% dead at this point.

In a chat with Digital Spy, Ed Solomon revealed that he’s no longer working on Invisible Man, which he had been writing with Johnny Depp attached to star.

At the end of the day, I think Universal and I had a different idea of what the movie was gonna be,” Solomon told the site. “We began thinking that our notions would meld, and I should’ve listened more closely to what they really were wanting. I think Universal has had to come to a kind of reckoning of, ‘What are we doing with the Dark Universe?’ and, ‘What is our real intention with it?’, and I think they’re reconfiguring it now, which I think is probably good.”

So I’m not working on it,” he added.

Dark Universe architects Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan also recently exited the project. Either Universal is starting fresh or the Dark Universe is just plain D.E.A.D.

Maybe action movies weren’t the best idea after all, eh?