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The Soska Sisters Assemble Massive Blood Drive Anthology for Women In Horror Month



February is Women In Horror Month and our good friends, Jen and Sylvia Soska (the Twisted Twins), have once again delivered are once again going above and beyond with their annual blood drive. This year, the duo have announced a month-long anthology series of PSA videos that will be shared each and every day on their YouTube Channel. Yes, there’s a new one every single day.

Here’s a letter from the duo about what you can expect:

“It’s that magical time of year again where we Sisters Soska don’t just want to spill blood on the screen, but want YOU to bleed for us. Don’t worry, it’s for an incredibly good cause…

Now in its 9th epic year, February marks the start of another “Women In Horror Month” meant to promote equality and celebrate the great artists both working today and the trailblazers who’ve come before.

As we all know women are quite capable and we’re not asking for a handout. Just some support. We’ve even taken it upon ourselves to be the ones giving back. You can’t think horror without thinking blood and we’ve long wondered why the horror genre hasn’t already thrown its weight behind the blood donation cause. So we did it.

As part of WiHM, each year we search out filmmakers from across the globe to make their own Public Service Announcements for Blood Services and Red Cross. The only requirements are that you have to be passionate about the cause and you must be a feminist. I’m proud to say that this year we have a record-setting 30 TEAMS that have participated. Magnificently each PSA was made with the filmmakers using their own money and resources along with generous donations and numerous volunteers.

We have a different theme each year and this year is BE A HERO.

In previous years, we’ve combined them all into one mega-anthology, but this year we’re making it our BIGGEST year yet. EVERY day in February (starting January 31st and ending March 1st) we will be releasing a NEW PSA via our Twisted Twins’ YouTube Channel. Please subscribe.

We are very proud to announce our outstanding list of contributors for our 2018 WiHM Massive Blood Drive:

Hannah Neurotica (WiHM Founder), Lex LybrandPaddy MurphyTonja Atmoic & Mi Chelle NesskMary RangelAtropa FilmsMaude MichaudTommy PistolAma LeaDamon RickardAdam MarcusStitch MaysMarilyn ThomasJoe MagnaJamie DeWolfVanessa WrightNicholas Burman-VinceChristian Francis & Mark Miller, Izzy LeeAleah AnsethSam Hawkins & Kim PipkinAndrew HassDayna NoffkeVicky Tori EllaAishlinn ClarkeStephanie MichelleBrandon SlagleMichelle RomanoAngela Nolan, and us, the Soska Sisters.

Each day we’ll release profiles on the filmmakers along with their shorts and sometimes even poster art and BTS stills. As a special added surprise, you won’t know which one is being released when, so keep your eyes on the prize!

Thank you so much for watching, but PLEASE be sure to make an appointment to donate. We need you. After all, it’s in you to give.

Jen and Sylv”