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Bruce Campbell Talks the Future; He’s Writing and Wants to Direct More Movies



Ash vs Evil Dead; image courtesy of Starz

The third season of Starz’s “Ash vs. Evil Dead” is set to premiere on Sunday, February 25, which means we only have to wait (less than) two more weeks to see Bruce Campbell back in the saddle again. Reprising his most iconic role has taken up much of Campbell’s time these last few years, and oh boy has it been a treat for all of us.

So what’s next for Campbell? Well, he’s hopeful that Ash will again return in a fourth season of the Starz series, but that of course all depends on how many people tune in to watch Season 3 this year. Thinking ahead, past “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” Campbell just revealed in a chat with that he wants to get back in the director’s chair.

I’m writing a collection of essays, a script that I would like to make a movie,” Campbell told the site. “As long as the audience likes our series I will do it. Then I will dedicate myself to something else.

He continued, “It’s time to do other things, carry out other projects. I’m writing movies, I could write forever if I could. Some films I would not do them any more, a bit like Sean Connery, who after making The Legend of Extraordinary Men at 72 has decided to quit. I’d like to direct because I could use everything I know about acting. And you can be a director even when you’re old, like John Houston did. Even if you’re in a wheelchair, as long as your brain works!

Campbell has in the past directed episodes of “Xena,” “Hercules” and “V.I.P.,” along with the feature films Man With the Screaming Brain and My Name is Bruce.


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