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John Carpenter Reveals He’s Scoring Fantasy Thriller ‘1,200 Souls’



Oh and he’s also open to directing more movies!

From what we gather, the deal hasn’t been officially inked, but it’s looking like John Carpenter is going to be scoring David Gordon Green’s Halloween, this October’s 40-years-later sequel to Carpenter’s original classic. It’ll be the first film Carpenter has scored in many years, a natural extension of his recently renewed interest in composing.

But Halloween isn’t the only upcoming film that Carpenter is scoring, we’re excited to report today. In a chat with Post Mortem, Carpenter provided the scoop.

I’m gonna do some scores this year,” Carpenter told host Mick Garris. “Gonna do the Halloween score… I guess. And 1,200 Souls is a movie being made. I’m gonna do the score for that. It’ll be fun.”

It’s safe to say that Carpenter is referring to the fantasy thriller 1,200 Souls, being directed by Spanish filmmaker Pablo Aragüés. French actor Jean Reno joined the project late last year, which Variety detailed back in November.

“It is set in a small town nestling in the lap of the high Pyrenees, to which a young woman, Carla, returns to scatter her mother’s ashes, only to be confronted by violence, deaths and the seemingly supernatural, such as spontaneous combustion. Reno will play the role of Jacques the Frenchman, a hermit who knows more than he lets on and proves the only villager who stands by Carla as she seeks to get to the bottom of events.”

Producer Martin Cabrera describes 1,200 Souls as being a film about “a girl looking for her origins,” adding that it has “a background of refugees during the 1930s Spanish Civil War, which is a mirror [reflecting] the conflicts of refugees today, fleeing from horror.”

Filming is set to begin this Summer.


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