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New Horror Fan Documentary ‘Fear Man’ Released Free on Amazon Prime



The feeling of horror is universal, but every experience of horror is personal.

We have a handful of regular contributors here on Bloody Disgusting, and one of the writers we’re proud to have on board the team is Chris Vander Kaay. He’s the man behind our popular “Overlooked Indie Horror Films” series, and he also co-authored (along with his wife) The Anatomy of Fear, a deep dive into sci-fi and horror.

Needless to say, Chris is a massive horror fan who knows his stuff, and we’re proud to let you know that he just released Fear Man, a brand new doc about horror cinema.

In Fear Man

“Take a journey with author and filmmaker Chris Vander Kaay into his early days discovering horror, which led to his theories on the social and psychological aspects of horror film like the Nebulous Boundaries of Genre and The Grand Unified Theory of Horror Film. He discusses all these and more in Fear Man.”

Check out the trailer below and stream Fear Man free on Amazon Prime!


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