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Indie ‘Tarnation’ Covers the Walls In Blood [Trailer]



Hailing out of Australia is Daniel Armstrong‘s (Murderdrome, SheBorg) Tarnation, which is being repped by Multivision-naire out of the EFM in Berlin and released in Australia through Monster Pictures.

In the film, “Oscar, a British rocker chick who is simultaneously kicked out of her band and dumped by her boyfriend, is feeling depressed. Her roommate convinces her to tag along for a raunchy weekend in the woods outside a ghost town called TARNATION — ‘coz nothing bad ever happened at a cabin in the woods. She plans to reflect on her life choices; but unfortunately soon after they arrive, they are preyed upon by a demon unicorn and a satanic cult hellbent on resurrecting the devil. Oscar must battle with an ungodly force of soul-possessing evil to save her own life and to stop TARNATION descending upon the world.

The comedy-horror creature feature stars Daisy Masterman, Emma Louise Wilson, and Danae Swinburne.


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