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Someone Actually Calculated How Far “It” Walked in ‘It Follows’



Yes, this person has way too much time on their hands. Yes, we’re grateful for that.

David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows, one of the most talked about horror movies in recent years, has one of the more interesting premises you’ll come across. To make a long story short, the movie centers on a sexually transmitted creature that can take the form of whoever it wants, and it will follow and kill you unless/until you pass it on.

No matter how far away you drive, it’ll catch up to you. Slowly. By walking.

So then, how far does “it” actually walk in order to catch up with main character Jay? You’ve probably never asked this question of the film, but the blog Movies Films and Flix set out to answer that question anyway. Because why the hell not, right?

In an effort to track the movements of the monster I searched for all the filming locations and have come up with an estimated travel total that I’m quite pleased with,” the site’s owner writes. “Director David Robert Mitchell didn’t make it easy because there are moments during the film in which you have no idea where Jay was going or why it took about 14-hours to make a five-hour drive up North (I’m guessing sleep). However, after getting a feel for the locations and timeframe I know how far the creature traveled because the layout of the locations fit its movements.”

What did the site determine? For starters, “it” moves at a pace of 20-minutes per mile, “rerouting itself and following the quickest route when its prey changes locations.” In total, they believe, “the creature walked 1,017 miles while hunting Jay.”

There’s much more information over on Movies Films and Flix about this one, including a day-to-day breakdown of the journey, so head over there if you want to learn more!

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