Effects Team's Maquette Gives Us Crystal Clear Look at 'The Ritual' Creature - Bloody Disgusting
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Effects Team’s Maquette Gives Us Crystal Clear Look at ‘The Ritual’ Creature



Last week, I wrote up an article on David Bruckner’s new horror film The Ritualwherein I raved that it’s got the coolest movie monster in years. In a monster movie climate where creature designs have become increasingly uninspired, The Ritual‘s Norse mythology-inspired “Moder” totally blew my mind and scared the hell out of me.

Only in the final act do we really get to admire the badass Moder up close and personal, but even still it’s pretty hard to grasp exactly what it is. For the most part, the monster is shrouded in darkness, making it nearly impossible to figure out its batshit crazy anatomy – even if you’re freeze-framing and lightening up the images.

But for anyone who’s been interested in seeing the Moder in all its glory, the effects team of Josh and Sierra Russell of Russell EFX have got you covered.

Over on their Instagram page, they just showed off several photos of the small scale, 2-foot-tall maquette they created for the beast, which really highlight all of the insane details going on with this bad boy. They note, for example, that the female creature has a set of “crotch hands,” which are not actually visible in the movie itself.

They also showed off the many dummies they made for the film’s creepy “Congregation” scene. In both posts below, be sure to tap the arrows to see more photos.


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