'He Never Died' Sequel Takes Female Spin With 'She Never Died' [Exclusive] - Bloody Disgusting
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‘He Never Died’ Sequel Takes Female Spin With ‘She Never Died’ [Exclusive]



HE NEVER DIED | via Vertical Entertainment

Indie filmmaker Jason Krawczyk made a name for himself with his 2014-15 festival hit He Never Died, which starred Henry Rollins as Jack, a social outcast who embarks on a bloody quest to save his long-lost daughter from a crime syndicate. A sequel has been in development for years, but things just took an interesting turn.

Sources tell Bloody Disgusting that Krawczyk has stepped away from directing the sequel in order to focus on getting his long-planned television adaptation off the ground. Instead, Audrey Cummings will be getting behind the camera for the newly titled She Never Died.

Also, as of this writing, Rollins will not be returning in the film’s sequel (although he’s expected to star in the television series), and the producers are currently on the hunt for their new female lead.

Cummings directed the feature and series Darken, as well as the indie Tormented (Berkshire County).

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