Even 'Covenant' Star Katherine Waterston Still Has No Idea What's Happening With 'Alien' - Bloody Disgusting
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Even ‘Covenant’ Star Katherine Waterston Still Has No Idea What’s Happening With ‘Alien’



With the recent Disney acquisition of 20th Century Fox, and in the wake of Alien: Covenant not exactly being a huge hit at the box office, the future of the Alien franchise is hanging in the balance right now, with no plans in motion for a new film. Will the next one be a full-on reboot or a continuation of Ridley Scott’s prequel franchise? We don’t know.

As it turns out, Katherine Waterston, who of course played new main character Daniels in Alien: Covenant (a sort of rebooted Ellen Ripley), doesn’t know either.

I have no idea [what’s happening with Alien],” Waterston just told Metro, ahead of this week’s Alien Day. “I always feel as though the actors are the last to know. But I also feel as though I could have a great deal to do in that film, or just be rolled out in a body bag. I had heard some rumors about where it might go a long time ago that were really interesting to me and my character.”

But I haven’t heard anything in ages,” she added.


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