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“Wolf Creek” Season 2 is Now Available for Streaming On Stan

As of last month, the first season of Aussie streaming service Stan’s “Wolf Creek” television series was put up for instant viewing here in the States through Shudder, and fans in Australia will be happy to know that the brand new second season just hit Stan!

Unfortunately, that means Season 2 can only be viewed within Australia at this time, but we’ll be sure to let you guys know when it’s available for viewing in the U.S.

The new season is described as a six-part, high-end psychological thriller “pitting a diverse cast of characters against an inhospitable, remote landscape, whose lethal dangers are personified by the series’ infamous serial killer.”

In Season 2, “Mick Taylor sees an opportunity of a lifetime after a chance encounter with a coach full of tourists from around the globe. The unwitting travellers begin an outback adventure none of them could have imagined.”

Greg McLean recently told us that Mick will “take his hobby of hunting and killing to shocking and chilling new levels as we delve deeper into his twisted psyche.

Season 2’s cast also includes Tess Haubrich (Alien: Covenant), Matt DayBen OxenbouldLaura WheelwrightStephen Hunter and Chris Haywood.



  • Kyle Ord

    Liked the movies

    But the first season was boring for me. And the violence wasn’t what I would expect either

    • Will Coors

      I agree. The series kind of bored me as well

    • scream4ever

      To me it was hard to be boring at just 6 episodes. I’m hoping this next season is the same.

      • Weresmurf

        6 Eps for S2 as well. Loved season 1, where it showed the weird outback, Mick and how it can create monsters out of us all. Living in Queensland, I’ve seen those places and even seen some of the weird denizens that reside there. It doesn’t surprise me, even if the shows exaggerated.

    • Reece Catlin

      I actually didn’t mind Wolf Creek 2 and I can’t wait for Wold Creek 3

  • Kaid Smith

    The first series was beautifully shot and I’m hoping the second will be.

    • Weresmurf

      It is so far. Nearing the end of Ep1. The outback looks stunningly shot, the vistas, panoramic shots, they look great. What I’m really liking too is they’ve used real blood too, no more cgi 😀

      • Reece Catlin

        I agree 100%

  • Baron Von Marlon

    Looking forward to watch it.
    Mick Taylor is already a new horror icon imo.

  • tbaio

    Looking forward to eventually seeing this. Season 1 was so much better than the movie sequel.

  • David.

    This looks pretty good, the first series was well made but it dragged a little imo and the second movie sucked hard

  • Reece Catlin

    Finished the Crown s2 now onto Wolf Creek s2! Happy Weekend 🙂

  • Baron Von Marlon

    Watched it. It was ok but not as good as season 1. This was just too plain and monotone. Mick was great as usual but I felt he didn’t get enough dialogue.
    So far I rank it: Movie 2, Series 1, Movie 1, Series 2
    I’m still looking forward to see more though. Movies or series.

    • Reece Catlin

      could you please explain the ending to me because I didn’t get it?

      • Weresmurf

        What about it didn’t you get? I’ll do my best… there were a few things that came into play that will likely affect season 3 in a big way.

      • Baron Von Marlon

        You mean the bit with the cellphone? I guess she gets to call help and survives. Wouldn’t surprise me if they’d team her up with other survivors at some point.

  • Reece Catlin

    I liked Season 2 better than season one… the ending didn’t make much sense tho… were they also alluding to Mick been non human??

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