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‘Heavy Trip’: Bloody Disgusting Is Going On a Heavy Metal Road Trip With Music Box Films!



In addition to the V/H/S films and Southbound, one of the coolest things we’ve ever done with Bloody Disgusting was distribute films. We’re very proud of our BD Selects line, which brought horror fans awesome films that included Lucky McKee’s The Woman and Sion Sono’s Coldfish, in addition to YellowBrickRoad, Macabre, Rammbock, Blood Runs Cold, Atrocious, Truth or Die, The Pack, Crawl, and many more. We’re diving back in and once again bringing our A-game, this time with the help of Music Box Films and their Doppelgänger label.

We announced today that Doppelgänger Releasing has entered into a distribution relationship with Bloody Disgusting and will kick things off with the release of Finnish black metal comedy Heavy Trip, which had its world premiere at SXSW. The film will receive a limited theatrical run along with a home entertainment release in late 2018, and will screen the film at the upcoming Cinepocalypse Genre Film Festival at the Music Box Theatre in late June.

In the Juuso Laatio and Jukka Vidgren-directed comedy:

When Turo and his undiscovered heavy metal band—eventually named Impaled Rektum—get their first chance in 12 years to leave the basement and play at Norway’s biggest heavy metal music festival, they steal a van, a corpse, a coffin, and a drummer from the local mental hospital and hit the road.”

We think that Heavy Trip is destined for cult classic status and hope that you guys will unite in celebration of this heartwarming, but totally metal comedy.

Birth.Movies.Death’s Marisa Mirabal gave the horns of approval, “Heavy Trip solidifies its place among other beloved metal genre films by summoning a dark comedy that even those who aren’t familiar with Pantera, Children of Bodom, or Uruguayan grindcore can throw their horns up and enjoy.”

“Wail loud, scream proud and support this kooky exploratory import that’s worth one hell of a night with rocksteady friends, horns in the air, until the final credits roll,” added Slashfilm’s Matt Donato.

We’re extremely proud of our Chicago roots and partnering with the prestigious Music Box is a dream come true. This is just the opening act, guys!

Co-founded Bloody Disgusting in 2001. Producer on Southbound, the V/H/S trilogy, SiREN, Under the Bed, and A Horrible Way to Die. Chicago-based. Horror, pizza and basketball connoisseur. Taco Bell daily.


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