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Leigh Whannell Might Not Write ‘Insidious 5’ [Exclusive]



Upgrade will be the second Leigh Whannell movie of 2018, as Insidious: The Last Key opened up the year the first weekend of January. During an interview with Bloody-Disgusting for Upgrade, Whannell said he has not begun writing a fifth Insidious, and he may not write one at all.

“I’m sure the second this film comes out I’m going to get a phone call from Jason Blum to say, ‘All right, Insidious 5,’” Whannell said. “I’m not sure if I’m going to be involved in all honesty. I love the films and the franchise and it’s been a good experience, but the question is always do I have anything to offer. Maybe a fresh set of eyes is the best thing for this franchise if they’re going to continue it. So we’ll see.”

The Last Key, the fourth Insidious film, brought the series back to the beginning with Elise (Lin Shaye) getting the call to help the Lambert family. Chapter 3 and The Last Key were prequels about Elise’s earlier paranormal investigations. Catching up may have been a way to ensure the next Insidious moves forward in time.

“I think it wasn’t deliberate but I felt like there are no more movies you could make within that loop,” Whannell said. “We’re all caught up now.

“That is a good expression to use. I think these Insidious movies are now a closed loop so if they’re going to continue, I think it should pick up in the future.”

Still, four Insidious movies is one more than Whannell wrote of the Saw franchise.

“With Saw, I was really done,” Whannell said. “After I wrote that third movie I was like I can’t, I’m out. To me, I felt the story was becoming about the gore and not about the story, which I’m responsible. I wrote the two sequels and I felt the sequels were getting more visceral, more violent. I felt that I didn’t have anything else to offer which was a strange feeling to walk away because then they kept making sequels. I wasn’t involved  creatively so there was a weird detachment to look up and see a billboard on Sunset Blvd. and be like oh, that’s a movie that I created that now it’s its own thing.”

If it’s not Insidious 5, Jason Blum is sure to keep Whannell employed. Upgrade is being released by Blumhouse Tilt.

“Certainly there’s no ill will,” Whannell said. “Obviously I made Upgrade with Blumhouse so the relationship we have through the Insidious movies is good. I love working with them. I’ll hopefully work with them many more times but I don’t know about Insidious yet.”

Whannell is working on another original horror script he hopes to complete after Upgrade comes out.

“I’m writing a film right now, kind of psychological horror meaning not supernatural horror,” Whannell said. “So we’ll see how that turns out. If it turns out not terrible, I’ll direct it.”

Upgrade is out June 1 and we’ll have more with Whannell and star Logan Marshall-Green next week.


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