Insider Report Says That Jordan Peele is Hungry to Make a "Gargoyles" Film for Disney! - Bloody Disgusting
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In the wake of Get Out, Jordan Peele found himself attached to a handful of projects, most notably next year’s directorial follow-up, Us. The smartest thing any studio could probably do right now is scoop up Peele and let him do whatever the hell he wants, but reports suggest that Disney is not quite on board with one of his dream projects.

As reported by /Film, Richard Rushfield writes in the latest issue of entertainment industry newsletter The Ankler that Peele wants to direct a film adaptation of “Gargoyles, the Walt Disney Television animated series that aired for three seasons between ’94 and ’97 and centered on ancient gargoyles who become New York City’s nighttime protectors!

According to Rushfield’s report, Disney isn’t so sure about Peele’s pitch. Rushfield writes…

“How do you turn down Jordan Peele? Well, you can’t. Who wants to be responsible for that decision? So in the absence of a good reason to say no, but prevented by their Big IP box from saying yes, Disney is slow walking the decision. It’s hoping, it seems, that they’ll run out the clock, he’ll sign other deals elsewhere, and the project will just fade away.”

In other words, Disney execs are worried that Peele’s Gargoyles pitch is too much of a risk, but no one really wants to be the one to turn down a potentially great idea.

Give. Him. All the money.


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