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Oh My God We’re Actually Getting Official ‘Child’s Play’ Trading Cards



These bad boys are as retro-authentic as they come… minus the shitty gum.

Shirts are still their bread and butter, but Fright Rags has evolved way past merely being a t-shirt company in recent years, offering all kinds of goodies like socks, Halloween masks and enamel pins. They’ve also recently embarked on a quest to give as many beloved horror movies their own trading card lines as possible, and Child’s Play is up next.

In the wake of retro wax packs in tribute to Dawn of the Dead and House of 1,000 Corpses, Fright Rags today announced the upcoming release of officially licensed Child’s Play cards!

Featuring all your favorite characters such as Chucky, Andy, Tiffany and Glen, the cards will be available in Single Wax Packs, Factory Boxes and Sealed Boxes.

Pre-orders begin Wednesday, July 11, and the packs will be shipping in early August.

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