For What It's Worth, Christina Ricci is Totally Up for an 'Addams Family' Return - Bloody Disgusting
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For What It’s Worth, Christina Ricci is Totally Up for an ‘Addams Family’ Return



The ensemble cast for Sausage Party director Conrad Vernon’s animated Addams Family film was recently announced, with Chloe Grace Moretz voicing Wednesday Addams. Of course, it was Christina Ricci who made Wednesday such a beloved character in the two early ’90s live-action films, and Ricci was just asked if she’d ever be up for returning to that world.

In a chat with Cinema Blend, Ricci noted that yes, she’d love to.

“I would totally get back in bed with the Addams Family anytime,” Ricci told the site.

As cool as it would’ve been for Ricci to have provided a voice in the upcoming animated film, we’d love it even more to see her back in the fold in a future live action version of the Addams Family. Many fans over the years have suggested that she’d make a great Morticia Addams, which would of course be fantastic to see. An adult Wednesday would also be a blast.

For now, it’s at least good to know that she’d be up for it, if asked!

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