[Video] Your First Look at That Fan-Made, Shot-for-Shot Remake of 'Halloween' - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Your First Look at That Fan-Made, Shot-for-Shot Remake of ‘Halloween’



As we told you last week, a group of hardcore fans of John Carpenter’s Halloween recently set out to make their own shot-for-shot remake of the classic slasher, recreating five iconic scenes from the film for a short that will be premiering on July 20.

Michael T. Lombardi and Nils Toledo, Jr. directed Shot for Shot: Halloween, and they provide the first look at the short courtesy of a behind the scenes video today.

Michael T Originals has teamed-up with TNT Media for this short film project that recreates five iconic scenes from John Carpenter’s 1978 horror film, with great care being taken to be as faithful to the original as possible.

“Local look-alike actors were cast, costumes were duplicated, and locations were chosen that allowed the filmmakers to capture the overall aesthetic of Carpenter’s classic. It should be noted, that the production had virtually no budget, and was a true labor of love for all involved.”

Should be interesting. Head over to Lombardi’s website to learn more.

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