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Pre-Production Has Begun On Six ‘Alien’ Universe Short Films



20th Century Fox is looking to continue/expand upon the Alien franchise in some unique ways, with a television series recently being rumored. At this time, we have no idea how much basis in fact those rumors have, but what we do know is that Fox has partnered with Tongal to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Alien by allowing fans to create their own Alien shorts!

The task of the contest, which launched last month, was to pitch an original five to nine-minute short set within the universe of the legendary sci-fi horror film. Today, the official Alien Twitter account has announced that over 550 entries were received, and the voting team has selected six filmmakers who are now in pre-production on their official Alien Universe films.

Once pre-production wraps up in October, production on the shorts will begin, and they’re expected to arrive in 2019 in time for the 40th anniversary of Alien‘s theatrical release.

So stay tuned!

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