Long Lost Version of 1983's 'A Night to Dismember' Was Just Found and Uploaded to YouTube - Bloody Disgusting
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Long Lost Version of 1983’s ‘A Night to Dismember’ Was Just Found and Uploaded to YouTube



You probably thought this was destroyed in a fire,” reads Hamilton Trash Cinema’s simple description for their latest upload to YouTube, the long lost version of Doris Wishman’s A Night to Dismember that indeed was thought to have been destroyed in a fire a long time ago. The website Film Trap brings the awesome find to our attention today.

The site explains, “The legend goes that the original negative was destroyed in a fire, so Writer/Director Doris Wishman was forced to go out and shoot an entirely new version of the movie from scratch.”

All these years later, Hamilton Trash Cinema’s Ben Ruffett stumbled upon a tape containing the thought-to-be-destroyed version, and he’s uploaded it for all to enjoy.

In the 1983 splatter film…

“A woman from a “cursed” family is released from a mental facility, and soon dismembered corpses start turning up.”

You can watch below and read the full story of the find over on Film Trap.

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