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Hulking New Shot of Tom Hardy’s ‘Venom’ Puts the Effects On Display



The one problem with revealing a trailer or footage from an effects-heavy film too early is that the CGI can look shoddy. I’ve got eggs in the face before, having slammed all of the promotional footage from Rampage only to see the film in all of its glory in theaters (it looked incredible). That’s the problem for studios; do they hide the footage until closer to release or risk getting slammed by the online film community?

In Venom‘s case, the first trailer was underwhelming, leaving many asking, “Where’s Venom?” It was PR disaster that forced Sony’s hand – the next piece of footage revealed the symbiote in all of its glory. Yet, as good as it all looked, some of the effects work seemed raw. As we crawl closer to the October release, more and more assets are being released, with the last trailer being a visual effects extravaganza. Still, the CGI isn’t complete and can only get better.

Evidence is presented in this new image, courtesy of EW, which shows the title character (played by Tom Hardy) in a convenience store. In the trailer, the symbiote talks to the assailant before – what it appears – eating him whole (some Comic-Con attendees claimed he actually bites the guy’s head off). Digressing, we’ve seen this exact same shot in the trailer and the CGI has already come a long way since then. Here’s the before and after…

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