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‘Child’s Play’ Remake Expected to Begin Filming Next Month



Photo Source: MGM

Polaroid director Lars Klevberg confused us all a bit with his cryptic (now deleted) Instagram post that teased the start of production on MGM and Orion’s remake of the 1988 Child’s Play.  The post displayed the screenplay (by Tyler Burton Smith) and knife, with the caption, “Week 1. Let’s play.” Upon further investigation, Bloody Disgusting has found several production listings that peg filming to begin on Monday, September 10th in Vancouver. In addition, they supply a synopsis that confirms the possible usage of the original characters:

“Andy, a twelve-year-old boy, and his ragtag group of friends face off against a robot doll on a killing spree.”

Of course, Andy Barclay (played by Alex Vincent) is the young boy who first speaks to the possessed Good Guy Doll in the Tom Holland-directed 1988 film, created by Don Mancini. Vincent and his character are still in the mix of the canonized series that just battled multiple Chucky dolls in Cult of Chucky. The remake also allegedly has been casting the role of Karen Barclay, originally played by Catherine Hicks.

To clarify for those confused, Universal Pictures owns all sequel rights of the franchise and characters. Franchise producer David Kirschner and creator/writer/director Don Mancini plan to continue the story through more film sequels and a television series – all canon to the original film.

MGM and Orion own the rights to the very first film, which means they can use any of the characters from the 1988 horror classic, but nothing from its sequels. We could see Andy, Karen, Charles Lee Ray, Chucky and anyone else involved in the killer doll’s big screen debut. What’s different, besides it being a modern take, is that it’s utilizing A.I. technology instead of the doll just being possessed. This leaves a lot of questions unanswered: will they use the classic Good Guy Doll and reimagine it? Will the killer’s name be Chucky? What’s the motivation? Will it take place around the holidays?

I guess we can start with some casting news, which should be coming in the next few weeks.

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