[Spoilers] Two Gruesome Kills Highlighted in These Official 'Halloween' Photos - Bloody Disgusting
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[Spoilers] Two Gruesome Kills Highlighted in These Official ‘Halloween’ Photos



We learned before filming even began that David Gordon Green was looking to echo John Carpenter’s Halloween with his Halloween rather than Rob Zombie’s, meaning a return to the tone of the original. The tension. The anxiety. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any gory carnage on display in this October’s film, as effects artist Chris Nelson teased to us on set.

We wanted all the effects and make-up effects to be postcards. Something you’ll remember. Something that when you watch the movie you’ll remember that victim, that guy,” Nelson told us during our set visit earlier this year. “There’s blood and slashes and victims and a couple really hardcore [kills].

As it turns out, two of those gruesome slayings are revealed inside the pages of Rue Morgue #183, as reader CG just let us know. In one shot featured in the magazine’s sneak peek at Halloween, a police offer’s throat is slashed, with a human jack-o’lantern resting in his lap. In another, a garage mechanic’s mouth has been completely ripped apart.


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