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Honest ‘Predator’ Trailer Goofs on Cast, ‘Home Alone’ Similarities



I never realized how similar Home Alone was to Predator until I saw this hysterical new “Honest Trailer” for John McTiernan‘s epic 1987 masterpiece. I’m actually a big fan of the Honest Trailer series because it’s such good-natured ribbing that comes from a good place and doesn’t project an ounce of mean-spiritedness.

The riff on Predator does a great job of goofing on the fact that the film opens with a shot of an alien spaceship, which removes the “who” from the film’s story arc. It’s also factually comical as it breaks down the film’s cast, which included Shane Black (who was to do on-set punch-ups) and once starred Jean-Claude Van Damme as the Predator.

I love that its closing statement is that Predator is timeless and could be re-released today.

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