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Bruce Campbell Would Be Fine With a Young Actor Taking Over as Ash



At this time, nothing at all is happening with the Evil Dead franchise (aside from some sort of video game that Bruce Campbell will be lending his voice to), but one thing we know for certain is that Campbell is DEFINITELY retired from playing Ash in the world of live-action. Will we next see a sequel to the remake? A cross-over between the remake and “Ash vs. Evil Dead”?

Perhaps another reboot entirely, with a new Ash?

Speaking with EW this week, Campbell expressed an openness to a young actor coming in to play a new take on Ash Williams, if it ever comes to that.

I’d be perfectly fine if they find some young Ash, do some new incarnation, let some other poor bastard get covered in blood,” he told the site. “It’s all good.”

Campbell added, “I hope there are very many variations of Evil Dead. You’ve got the leftover characters from the series, you’ve got the characters from the remake that we did a few years ago. You can intersect universes.”

Why Ash, we say? With Campbell retired, that should probably be the end of the character, yeah? If we get more Evil Dead films, why not bring back Jane Levy’s Mia as the lead?!

For now, we wait…

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