'The Predator' Wins the Box Office as 'The Nun' Tops $200M; 'Slender Man' Nears $50M' - Bloody Disgusting
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‘The Predator’ Wins the Box Office as ‘The Nun’ Tops $200M; ‘Slender Man’ Nears $50M’



As expected, The Predator won this weekend’s box office with an estimated $24M domestic. It’s an interesting film for 20th Century Fox who allegedly spent $88M+ on the Shane Black-directed sequel, which means it needs to cross at the very least $300M worldwide to break even. This weekend wasn’t strong enough domestically, with the film’s success riding on international numbers, which start off at an estimated $30.7M for a $54.7 worldwide total. This does not look good, folks. Still, I always wonder, how does the release of a franchise film also affect home video numbers and franchising? These are things to always think about. There’s also the Disney factor, which will come into play by next summer. This could very well be the last Predator film ever made.

As for New Line Cinema’s The Nun, it took a slight beating from the competition, but was so strong in its opening weekend ($131M worldwide) that it managed yet another estimated $18.2M domestic ($84M total). It’s now crossed $200M worldwide in just its second week of release ($228.7M global with $143.6M international). The latest hit in the studio’s hugely successful Conjuring universe, The Nun has pushed the already highest-grossing horror franchise to more than $1.4 billion…and counting.

Tom Molter, Head of International Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures, stated, “The Nun
continues to scare up audiences around the world, and records are being broken in every region – particularly in Latin America and Mexico, where the popularity of star Demian Bichir has drawn fans to the cinema in big numbers. We applaud the whole cast, as well as all of the filmmakers behind The Nun, on this tremendous success.”

Digressing, in the story of two similar audiences, The Nun‘s success ate into The Predator‘s opening a bit, while on the other side of things, The Predator also took away from The Nun‘s ability to dominate for a second straight week.

Sony Screen Gems’ Slender Man, which nobody is talking about, is quietly nearing $50M worldwide. As I previously wrote, this reminds me of last year’s Jigsaw, the eight film in the Saw franchise that several websites declared a flop even though it grossed $100M on a measly $10M budget. (They were wrong in their reporting and a ninth film is currently in development.) While Slender Man isn’t exactly a hit, it’s performing well enough that we should take note. We’ve talked about this several times prior, but the Sylvain White-directed Creepypasta was butchered by the studio heads out of fear of public retaliation (2018 for the win). The studio also pulled back on the marketing spend and quietly dumped the film in theaters with the expectation of taking one to the chin. Yet, with minimal marketing, horrendous reviews and terrible word of mouth, Slender Man has just topped $50M worldwide. With a reported $10M budget, and a less than typical marketing spend, the Joey King-starrer is well into the profit territory for the studio. Reflecting on this yet again, can you imagine if Screen Gems backed this little movie and didn’t fuck it up? It could have been a massive hit. While some are calling Slender Man (the character) dead before he even had a chance to spook audiences, I say it’s possible that this is just the beginning. A sequel – whether it be theatrical or direct-to-video – is more than likely at this point.

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