We've Got Three Stills from 'The Onania Club,' Tom Six's Next Attempt to Disturb the Hell Out of You - Bloody Disgusting
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We’ve Got Three Stills from ‘The Onania Club,’ Tom Six’s Next Attempt to Disturb the Hell Out of You



Tom Six, the filmmaker behind the cultural phenomenon known as The Human Centipede trilogy, is back with brand new film The Onania Club, which he promises will deliver a “vile, inhumane experience.” Six recently teased, “The film will be a pleasant breath of polluted air in today’s growing political correctness and intolerance.”

All we really know about the film is that it centers on a group of strong, rich, independent Hollywood women who… get sexually aroused by the misery of others.

Check out three new stills below, hot off the presses.

The Onania Club deals with human vileness on many levels,” Six explains. “Its main theme is ‘schadenfreude’, an emotion that philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer called: ‘the most evil sin of human feeling’ and ‘diabolic’. Where The Human Centipede trilogy is mostly body horror; The Onania Club deals with this pure psychological horror.”

Thanks to We Got This Covered for the stills.

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