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[Teaser] Tom Six’s ‘The Onania Club’ Dives Deep into the Darkest Corners of Human Vileness



Say what you want about The Human Centipede, but it’s masterful. Not only did it accidentally break into pop culture, but it’s a masterclass in suspense in that it barely shows anything. Director Tom Six announced himself as a potential new voice in horror who not only had a keen eye for horror, but the perfect amount of restraint. He caught a ton of shit, still, and responded with the brilliant (yeah, I said it) sequel, which took off the artistic lens and punched audiences right in the nose. However, over the years, the evolution of the films and their criticism have turned Six into an unlikeable character. One that unknowingly is reminiscent of one Uwe Boll (insert cringe emoji here). He went from trying to make a great movie to trying to shock the audience, allowing public opinion to dictate his next move.

So, here we are, scratching our head at the first ever footage from his The Onania Club, which he previously promised would deliver a “vile, inhumane experience.” And just like with his third Human Centipede, it would have appeared he’s transgressed even more.  You see, Six is once again trying to push buttons, this time by showing a group of elite women masturbating to 9/11 footage. It’s incredibly uncomfortable and most definitely a trigger that’s inducing rage within me, but I’m stopping myself short of losing my shit. Why? Because we don’t know the full context nor do we know if Six is actually going to make a socially relevant point.

Here’s how he prefaces the teaser trailer:

“My latest movie, The Onania Club, deals with human vileness on many levels,” Six explains in a statement. “Its main theme is ‘schadenfreude’, an emotion that philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer called: ‘the most evil sin of human feeling’ and ‘diabolic’. Where The Human Centipede trilogy is mostly body horror; The Onania Club deals with this pure psychological horror.”

There are no plot details yet, but he shares this horrific glimpse of the story:

“Strong, rich, white L.A. women (über bitches) run the show and deeply enjoy the misery of others.”

Six concluded with a mission statement: “The film will be a pleasant breath of polluted air in today’s growing political correctness and intolerance.”

We’ll reserve judgment for a later time, but this won’t be the first time a horror film has used 9/11 footage to illustrate a point:  ‎John Moore had worked it into his 2006 remake of The Omen.

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