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‘Halloween’ Carves Out Massive $91.8M Global Box Office Opening




Last year, New Line Cinema’s It: Chapter One ignited a fire around Hollywood. It sent the signal that there’s a huge appetite for horror, which they would have already known if they looked bothered to look at the billion dollar Halloween industry that was booming all around them. Shit, just look at the Internet – October has become a month filled with fraudulent horror-themed clickbait articles written by faux pundits who still think Jason Voorhees was the killer in Friday the 13th. Point is, while we horror fans have a very personal experience with the genre, it’s penetrated pop culture in a way that’s unheard of (in thanks to part to “The Walking Dead” and “Stranger Things”). It’s only fitting that Michael Myers’ resurrection has slaughtered the box office competition. Shit, the newest Halloween is so big that it nearly beat the new October box office record, set by Venom earlier this month.

Early estimates have pegged the domestic opening to the David Gordon Green-directed sequel to John Carpenter‘s 1978 classic at around $77.5M. That’s just shy of Venom‘s October record. Unfortunately, Halloween‘s global opening wasn’t nearly as potent as that of Sony’s symbiote. Early estimates report that the slasher revival took in $14.3M overseas for a $91.8M global take (Venom had a $200M global opening).  Fun fact: this is already the highest grossing Halloween movie in the entire 40-year franchise.

As for the mighty Venom, Columbia Pictures’ Spider-Man spinoff earned another estimated $18.10M for a domestic total of $171.12M and another $54M internationally with the worldwide take now hitting a whopping $461.8M.

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween tricked audiences and took another $9.71M for a $28.80M domestical total. It’s now sitting at $39.9M globally. The budget was $35M. Ouch.

We’ll update if any other interesting numbers are reported.

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