'StarDream' Turns to A.I. Horror With a Blend of '2001' and 'Alien' - Bloody Disgusting
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‘StarDream’ Turns to A.I. Horror With a Blend of ‘2001’ and ‘Alien’



Stanley Kubrick's 2001: Space Odyssey

Alien: Covenant ends with an android hijacking a ship filled with cryogenically frozen humans hoping to colonize another planet. In Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey, a computer AI known as HAL (the HAL 9000) also hijacks a ship and turns on its crew. This seems to be some of the inspiration behind the forthcoming sci-fi thriller StarDream.

Swedish director Björn Runge, whose most recent feature The Wife saw its star Glenn Close win best dramatic actress at last night’s Golden Globes, has boarded the sci-fi feature, reports ScreenDaily.

“The plot sees hundreds of thousands of humans cryogenically stowed aboard the StarDream, a spaceship rapidly constructed to escape our failing Earth and endure the mission to a distant planet identified as capable of supporting human life. When the on-board computer malfunctions, the command team develop a solution – an AI they call Stephen. But Stephen develops a profound attachment to Andreya, his creator, and the future of the human race is compromised.”

The script is from the UK’s Felix Harrison (who topped the 2016 Brit List for his previous script, Far Edge Of The World), with Silver Reel’s Claudia Bluemhuber and Bigscope Films’ Jason Newmark and Laurie Cook co-producing.

Alongside Bluemhuber, Runge’s other The Wifecolleagues to join StarDream include director of photography Ulf Bråntas, editor Lena Runge and co-producer Georgia Bayliff.

StarDream is set for a summer shoot in the UK and is now casting the lead roles.

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