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The ‘Bird Box’ Challenge is Now Extending to Restaurants for Unique Eating Experiences



In Netflix’s Bird Box, the post apocalypse is a world wherein there are creatures roaming the Earth that have the power to make you kill yourself if you even so much as look at them, forcing any and all remaining survivors to traverse the world completely blindfolded. And the film’s premise has, this being 2019 and all, inspired its own “Bird Box Challenge.”

Netflix recently took to Twitter to advise fans of the film to *not* participate in the challenge, which essentially asks you to blindfold yourself and see how well you can navigate the world without the gift of sight. Naturally, this can be quite dangerous, but some businesses are offering up the “Bird Box Challenge” under safer – and more delicious – conditions.

Tonight, in fact, Long Island, NY’s Milleridge Inn is hosting their own “Bird Box Challenge,” inviting guests to enjoy their dinner under the conditions of the Bird Box universe.

News 12 reports, “The Inn will transform into a post-apocalyptic scene, where humanity is being attacked by supernatural monsters.”

Patrons must remain silent and can’t remove the blindfolds until after dinner. The cost is $47.95 per person for the three course meal.”

The site also notes that similar eating challenges are currently being offered up at many other restaurants around the country, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled (no pun intended)!

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