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“We Might Reboot Rawhead Rex,” Says ‘Rawhead Rex’ Director George Pavlou



When listing off the best Clive Barker adaptations, Rawhead Rex isn’t exactly one of the first films to come to mind, but it has nevertheless developed a cult following in more recent years. “Between its limited theatrical release in 1987, and Clive Barker’s notorious displeasure with the film, it’s not a surprise that Rawhead Rex slipped between the cracks,” Meagan noted in her recent “It Came from the ’80s” article on the film. She added, “Rawhead Rex exists in that weird overlap between folk horror and a punk rock mentality, perhaps the only of its kind.”

The titular monster never became the star of his own franchise, or even a sequel, but Rawhead Rex director George Pavlou notes in a new interview that he could come back to life!

“We might reboot Rawhead Rex,” Pavlou tells The Dark Side Magazine.

Pavlou also notes in the latest issue, which features a lengthy interview all about Rawhead Rex, “After 30 years and with the film finally out on Blu-ray and the fans so enthusiastic for it, well, it’s just pleased me enormously. For years I’ve been watching this horrible degraded, nasty 4×3 format version on YouTube and it was just depressing me so I spent ten years trying to acquire the rights in order to get the full wide screen negative sourced copy out there.”

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