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10 Dangerous Women in Horror From Saint Agnes



Horror has long seen women become the focus of the film, be it as the ultimate survivor or, in some cases, the cause of the terror. From Nancy in A Nightmare on Elm Street to Baby in The Devil’s Rejects, we’ve seen women run the gamut of characters in horror and it’s been a blast the entire time!

Here today to offer 10 examples of dangerous women in horror is UK rock band Saint Agnes. Merging 70’s influenced psych with doom-ish rock n’ roll and playing on their own hand built effects pedals, Saint Agnes has that certain unmistakeable quality that would make them perfect for a David Lynch film. They recently released their new single “Sister Electric”, which you can purchase via Bandcamp.

Head on down for their picks and let us know your favorite dangerous women in horror choices in the comments!

Let The Right One In – Eli

Tiny, cute Eli rips a swimming pool of bully’s limb from limb. Her smallness and her peculiar and sweet relationship with the lonely Oskar makes you kind of love her. What could be more deadly and dangerous than an adorable vampire?

Carrie – Carrie

Every bullied child’s fantasy scenario: turn up at prom, destroy your school and kill/maim your bullies (and everyone else).

Ex Machina – Ava

Can a Sci-fi be in a horror list? Can a robot be a woman? We’re running with it! Created by the twisted tech genius Nathan, Ava is the most developed AI humanity has seen so far. She quickly recognizes however that Caleb, her would-be rescuer, is another tool of oppression who ultimately views her as a sexual object. Ava then plays up to his fantasy of the damsel in distress and uses him (leaves him to starve to death) to win her freedom. And then, presumably, to take over the world.

Alien – Ripley

Ripley. What a woman. She fights off aliens, sticks it to the men and the man. Even when they bring her back to life and implant her with an alien queen, she still triumphs! She’s the sole survivor of three ships/planets. She dies. But then she comes back and kills even more aliens.

The Craft – Nancy Downs

Nancy quickly goes from using her powers for high school pranks to using them to kill loads of people. She’s charming, compelling and deadly. She’s like that mean friend at school who kills your boyfriend but you keep going back for more! Until you get her committed.

Suspiria – Helena Markos

Starting at a boarding school is never easy but when its founder, Helena Markos, the Mother Suspiriorum, leader of a coven and one of a triumvirate of witches hell bent on directing world events likes to murder your friends then re-animate their corpses and send them to kill you in a psychedelic freak out soundtracked by prog-rock’s Goblin it is just unbearable.

The Exorcist – Chris MacNeil

Linda Blair gets all the recognition but we actually think her mother is badass. Chris MacNeil fights for her daughter and never gives her up even though she says things like, ‘your mother sucks cocks in hell’ What’s more dangerous than a mother protecting it’s young/trying to exorcise the foul-mouthed demon inhabiting her daughter?!

The Addams Family – Wednesday Addams

Wednesday repeatedly tries to kill her brother, scalps a village and burns it to the ground and prefers homicide to boys. She’s Kitty’s personal icon.

The 50-Foot Woman – Nancy Archer

Nancy Archer finds the strength to stand up to her abusive, cheating husband, doctors that have been medicating her into submission for years and a town that committed her to the sanatorium. She is so threatening to the patriarchal town the sheriff has to electrocute her to death as bullets have no effect. She does die, but takes down Harry, her shitty husband with her.

The VVitch – Thomasin

What to do when the family goat, poisons your brother, mauls your father, drives your mother to try to kill you then reveals itself to be Satan? I know, follow it into the woods and join a coven of naked witches. That’s what Thomasin did, so she must have a pretty dark and dangerous future ahead of her. It’s a background any good goth can get behind.

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