Five Artists to Check Out if You Enjoy the Music of "Stranger Things" - Bloody Disgusting
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Five Artists to Check Out if You Enjoy the Music of “Stranger Things”



About a week ago, I posted an article about the music of Netflix’s show “Stranger Things“, which was composed by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon. The purpose was to introduce you readers to their band S U R V I V E, which is the experimental electronic quartet that the composing duo belong too so that you could appreciate their musical talents that they’ve been offering over the past several years.

That then got me thinking that I should take that idea one step further and use this opportunity to introduce you all to some similar sounding groups that you might not otherwise know of. Some of them have gotten a ton of love here on Bloody-Disgusting, like Gunship and John Carpenter, the man whose music pretty much created this genre. But I’ve also slipped in a few other artists that you may not have heard of, which will hopefully send you down a rabbit hole of dreamwave/retrosynth bliss.

If you want to listen to anymore of these artists’ music, just click on the album artwork on the left-hand side of the player. Enjoy!


Miami Nights 1984

John Carpenter