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Shanghai Punk Band Channels Joe Bob Briggs with Newest Album, ‘Monster Vision’



Joe Bob Briggs is a name that will bring smile to the face of just about any horror fan out there. Many of us spent our formative years up late night watching Briggs introduce us to horror treat after horror treat. If you’re in your 30’s there’s a good chance Briggs is responsible for shaping your love of the genre, or at the very least he helped play a role in doing so. That influence has flooded over into the world of music where it has helped inspire the latest album from Round Eye, a punk band from Shanghai, China.

Round Eye’s latest album is Monster Vision and Briggs serves as the narrator. Punk and Joe Bob Briggs in one place? Sign me up!

The album’s name is wildly accurate because listening to it feels like you’re listening to a musical version of the classic Briggs’ show. The album opens with an intro from Briggs and then he appears in 6 additional tracks throughout the album, guiding us along, much like he did on our TV sets many years ago.

Briggs’ part aside, the album contains some wonderful punk mayhem, which is very much evident in the above music video for their song “Billy.” It’s heavily political with an outsider’s look at the 2016 US election. Despite the band being based in Shanghai the members are all Americans, but they’ve been living overseas for a number of years under a different oppressive regime which makes their take on what’s happening on the home front unique.

Pushing the political elements aside and the album consists of the energetic punk the band has become known for. Monstervision has been described as “the group’s most ambitious album to date, expanding their Minutemen/Stooges/doo-wop/free jazz freakout into further territories, from Oingo Boingo new wave to God Bullies noise rock to Butthole Surfers psychedelic insanity, making for a completely unpredictable album that exists on its own plane of genius.” That’s a pretty accurate description.

Monster Vision is available now. For more information please visit

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