New Green Day Video 'Back in the USA' Pays Tribute to 'They Live' - Bloody Disgusting
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New Green Day Video ‘Back in the USA’ Pays Tribute to ‘They Live’



His days as a filmmaker may be behind him, but John Carpenter continues to be one of the most influential horror masters in the history of cinema. From It Follows to “Stranger Things,” Carpetner’s influence seems to be absolutely everywhere in recent years, and one of his greatest hits even served as inspiration for Green Day‘s latest video.

The band’s just-released compilation album “God’s Favorite Band” includes previously unheard track “Back in the USA,” which gets the They Live treatment for its video.

In the video, which is essentially They Live meets Pleasantville, the members of Green Day come into possession of a special pair of black sunglasses, which allow them to see what nobody else is seeing. In the place of ads, they see words like “Consume” and “Conform.” On the cover of a newspaper, “The President to Lie to Nation Tonight.”

Carpenter’s They Live has taken on a new social relevance these days, just about 30 years after its release, and Green Day’s new video plays upon that fact.

That’s Carpenter for ya. Always ahead of the times.