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Nine Inch Nails’ Final EP Arriving This Summer!



I absolutely love what Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are doing with their new Nine Inch Nails music, and hope it sets a precedent for other bands to follow. You see, instead of waiting years for a new album, which we’ll digest and throw away in a few weeks, Reznor and Ross have been creating short EPs that they’ve been releasing as completed. It began with December 2016’s Not the Actual Events and then continued with last July’s excellent Add Violence with the promise of a third and final EP in 2018. Well, here we are, and NIN is expected to complete this first trilogy this coming June.

Speaking to BBC Radio 6 on Thursday, Reznor said the EP should be out prior to the start of the band’s European festival tour in June, reports CoS.

In explaining why it took nearly a year for the third EP to come to fruition, Reznor said: “We started out with a rigid concept, having not written them all. As we finished Add Violence we found ourselves… it felt too predictable. It felt like we were forcing things. Musically and storytelling-wise. The reason this has been delayed is because it took us a while for—what has become the third EP—to reveal itself to us.”

“We’re in the process of finishing this right now and should be out before the shows take place,” Reznor added.

Reznor has been extremely candid about the process, speaking as to how he likes being able to reinvent himself on the fly and be able to turn out more relevant works at a quicker speed. I love hearing that instead of forcing the issue, they let the new sound come to them, which more than guarantees something once again unique and special as the former two EPs. While many experiments in the music world have failed, this may be the one that’s connected with me the most and I hope it’s just the beginning.

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