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[Video] “Stranger Things” Composers Dig Deep into the Show’s Iconic Music



One of the most important aspects of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” has no doubt been the show’s ’80s-style musical score, heavy on the synth and as instantly iconic as the characters that fill out the world of Hawkins, Indiana. That music, in both seasons, is credited to Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, part of synthwave band Survive.

While we wait for Season 3 (which is filming now but sadly doesn’t look like it’s arriving until 2019), Vanity Fair caught up with Dixon and Stein this week for a comprehensive chat about their contributions to the mega-hit Netflix series.

In the video, the duo breaks down the music of the show, covering how they were initially approached by the Duffer Brothers to score the series, the biggest influences on their music, and the differences between the music of “Stranger Things” season one and season two.


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